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What are you need the spores mm your home however like we've in eyebrow raise the link i think so too she was the one who idea greely is kind of like all right i mean if you do this this is the kelly wentworth favor that you wanna call in all right this is the what you could call but but a bunch of the other people like i knew would just be on board and legs zeke i knew it'd be on board for sure and brad i knew it'd be on board dan i felt like i had a good shot with ben coach was a gamble i i don't want to pull the curtain back too far and how that happened but coach voicing the survivor god that was really fun once i got that from him yeah then and everybody else is just the out they were they were really really really kind in gracious enough to to do and everybody turned to their staff in really on us their stuff he i think you and i actually where the were the last ones to to record anything which was obviously the episode of the goes to rob says tornadoes bad survivor decisions as podcast which i thought was hysterical i thought you did such a funny july has really great did that alive you just semi is script and then we went off of the script that you sent me having no idea what the context of any of this is it what did you think was happening did you have a like i would love to know who is going to your mind where you just like i work i've worked with josh long enough to just like trust that he does what he thinks he's doing.

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