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The top stories we're following for you today on WTO following a funeral that was attended by hundreds of dignitaries at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth coffin, has left London for the last time up to a million people lined the streets to pay final respects as the military procession went by, a private family service and burial takes place at Windsor Castle. A hearing is set for this afternoon and a Baltimore court that could bring freedom to adnan syed. He's the man in prison for the murder of his high school classmate more than 20 years ago at crime received national prominence when it was featured in the first season of the podcast serial, the defense says it's uncovered new evidence that could undermine syed's conviction. An American contractor held hostage in Afghanistan for more than two years by the Taliban has been released, Mark Frey Rex is a navy veteran from Illinois, who spent more than a decade in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, a Taliban drug lord jailed by the United States was also freed and returned to Kabul. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. And coming up in money news. Dallas down over a hundred points there. And check your freezer. I'm not small. It's 9 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to Jack Taylor now in the WTO traffic center. It's a little heavy drive in Virginia on the beltway inner loop approaching and passing Braddock road easing very quickly as it is on 66, getting out of Gainesville east toward rosalyn, you got a break later to around nut least tweet headed toward the beltway. 95 looking great between Springfield and Fredericksburg, north and southbound should find your lanes open, even three 95 cleared out, get north of Springfield all the way to the 14th with your lanes available. There was a mobile work crew north on the George Washington Parkway up near the overlooks, reported still along the right side, Braddock road east after Clifton road, you may be under police direction around that earlier crash. Bellway and Maryland were still a little heavy topside outer loop, New Hampshire toward university boulevard. It does remain heavy toward George avenue then briefly through the big curve toward river road. Nice and quiet between the beltways on 95, the Baltimore, Washington Parkway, little delay north, passing 32, two 70s is good to go between Bethesda and Frederick, north and southbound, river road east to near 7 ox road, there was an earlier crash. We've got work today out at the bay bridge. It's 50 eastbound block in the right lane, but there's two way traffic on the westbound span. Good-looking ride downtown, the freeway is fine. Third street tunnel, heavy northbound, riding up toward the light of New York avenue. I two 95 without delay oxen cove up to the 11th, little heavy traffic though on D.C.

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