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You will. We will zero in on the one year I am going. I am going to check that out this week. If I can get it hasn't crossed my desk and I I don't know where to get it. I haven't even really looked into it. I just figured I'd have you'd watch it first and then tell me if it's worth it way should we should mention the movie were referring to it. Robin Williams documentary, but his wife was involved with that, correct. Yeah, I think his wife his. Yeah, the woman he was married to when he died. She talks about the disease that he had, and he didn't even know he had it. I mean, it was that some kind of brain. Something malfunctioned. So yeah, it's called final days. Final days. Yeah, probably gut wrenching. And and he had Lewy body dementia. Lewy body dementia. Yeah. Ah, Prime video. It says Oh, is that the right one that might be a different that might be different. One. I don't. I don't know. I don't know where to watch it. But anyway, we're going to find out. We're going to find out and we'll talk about it next week, because it's Ah, There are other documentaries about Robin Williams. There's one called Come inside my mind, For example, I heard of that one, too. Yeah. Yeah, but this is this is the one that's out now, and some of the people who knew Robin have watched it and we're really moved by it. So, Yeah, it might be something good for us. And, you know, I feel like I knew Robin Williams. I never met him. I was just going to ask you if you ever met never did. And I always wanted to and always felt like I knew him And I think a lot people felt that way. And that's why his death was so crushing to us. Yeah, it was sad. It felt like a member of the family. Yeah. Did You all right? Okay, but you have seen some movies and we're gonna get to those. So do I get to pick? Are you going to pick you pick? I want to talk about Jimmy Carter. Rock and roll President. Yeah. Oh, Jimmy, I thought we were going to get to that last. Yeah, This is a You know how just about every week Pat comes a political documentary that seems hell bent on killing our Collective soul. Really Well, this one Jimmy Carter rock'n'roll president, it restores. It restored my faith for the hour and a half. I was watching it in politics. Good, but I guess, depending on what side of the political spectrum you haven't fallen, But I love this movie. And it's about this nation's 39th president Jimmy Carter. His love of music. The focus here in this documentary is on his love for gospel and rock and roll. He he knew. About all kinds of music. He loved jazz. He loved classical. I kind of wish they would have gone more into into. Some of that pathetic couldn't be called Jimmy Carter rock'n'roll president, but but it's about how he how that music was used. The gospel and the rock and roll was used during his presidency and how it helped him really get elected. First, is governor of Georgia and then to the highest office in the land. Carter is interviewed on camera. I think these interviews were from 2000. 18, But he talks about all his musical influences how they shape them how they shaped his politics and how he used that music to bring people together during his White House tenure. Bob Dylan is in this movie. He's on camera talking about Carter and then his friendship with Carter. Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Um and, Yeah, they were one of the things that was interesting about listening to wait. Didn't willing Nelson go to the car. Artur White House and smoke dope on the on the roof or something. Yeah, he smoked. Yeah, that's in this movie. He smoked dope, And I guess he confessed to Carter because he felt bad about it. And he said, Well, I I, You know, I just want you to notice. I smoked it with one of your staff. But the staff turned out to be one of Carter's sons. That's plenty joking. Yeah, he tells that story, and it's really, really funny, but they were all impressed. All these artists were impressed. That, Um Carter knew all the lyrics by heart all of their songs, And we also learned the Carter in this movie. Listen to a lot of Willie Nelson during the stress of the Iranian hostage crisis. Okay? Yeah, And there's great archival footage here of some of the performances in the performers who graced the White House. Dizzy Gillespie, Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, Herbie Hancock, Loretta Lynn, but hit. This is Above all of that, As you watch this movie on this is my bias, but there emerges Ah, this portrait and personality of I think one of our most underrated presidents. Who Despite what you thought of this politics, Wass is a man of dignity and character and spirituality and integrity, who, much to his own detriment. Put doing what was right over what might have been to his advantage politically, while Was in the White House. Great Music Justin Overall, wonderful, Uplifting piece. It's called Jimmy Carter, Rock'n'roll president and for anybody who's growing weary of all those soul killing, Eat your peas, political documentaries. Jimmy Carter. If nothing else, you'll love The archival footage and all the musical performances..

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