David Ignatius, Trudeau, Canada discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


David ignatius what do you make of that we'll president trump's ability to see the world as he thinks it is always astonishes me this jihad against against prime minister trudeau in canada is senseless except in one way and it's it's sort of typical trump on his way to meet the north korean leader he wants to show tuffy is the most convenient person to kick turns out to be the host of the g seven summit i mean it's all you can take from this is that he wanted to to to show of toughness when the other question that gene robinson my colleague raises why don't republican speak out against behavior like this against trashing our our loyal and crucial allied of the north canada i think the answer is republicans are running scared donald trump leads and insurgency and the primary target of that insurgency is the traditional republican party and they've been blown away by it and they just stand there as trump attacks their values things republicans have stood for because they're afraid of him i g i can't think of any other reason why they would stay silent in the face other than pure political fear i think that right and i you know i mean this one really bizarre thing about the ten poor summit which is that now we have the right wing of the republican party cheering process of big oshii ation with with this last taliban communist dictatorship in a way that was unimaginable in the past democratic president had made this you know come out with this disagreement the you know the the impeachment drums would be beating before the last sentence with red but you know away.

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