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This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez a federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by two tribes against President trump over his permitting of the keystone xl pipeline claiming it violates treaties and the US Constitution the Rosebud Sioux tribe and Fort Belknap Indian community. Unity say federal agencies. Have a duty to consult with tribes in South Dakota during water-management hearings Rosebud official outlined. The lack of tribal consultation Victoria wicks reports. Ben Rod is the Rosebud tribes historic preservation officer during water hearings earlier this month. Rod testified the not energy has not given the tribes adequate opportunity to survey the pipeline route. Here rod is questioned by energy attorney. James Moore was the Rose Foot Sutra. I offered a chance to participate in the development of a programmatic agreement for the Keystone Excel pipeline and the Rosebud. Sioux tribe chose not to participate is at Corona chose not to participate simply because the process had not been satisfied. Get up to that. Point right tells more that the tribe had repeatedly asked for topographical for graphical. GPS MAPS and did not receive them and so the tribe at rods recommendation did not participate. We do not know where this is going. We do not know where it is on the landscape wouldn't what proximity what sites that we hold significant on the day. Rod Testified in South Dakota Federal. Judge Brian Morris Released Easter decision. That Rosebud and Fort Belknap lawsuit could go forward in Montana. Judge Morris denied requests by TC energy and the trump administration to dismiss the tribes arrives claims Morris held tribes own inherent sovereign powers that include the authority to exercise some level of civil jurisdiction over non-indians on their reservations nations fee lands and surface and mineral rights. Morris wrote that Rosebud has sufficiently made its case that TC energy is required to comply with tribal laws for National Native News. I'm Victoria wicks in rapid city. South Dakota thirty three Bison were transferred this week from Yellowstone National Park to the four-pack reservation in Montana and marked the first transfer of female bison to the tribe through current quarantine program to make sure the animals are disease. Free Rachel Kramer with yellowstone public radio reports wildlife managers early Monday morning loaded up fourteen females and their calves along with five balls into a trailer at the Stevens Creek Capture Facility in Yellowstone Rabbi Magnin the fishing game manager for the cinnabon ensue tribes followed the semi truck as it hauled the vice nearly five hundred miles to the Fort Peck. Indian reservation aren't really really great. It's we've always wanted to get female. He called it an exceptional bonus because some of the females are pregnant at the tribes. Get more cavs in the spring Magnan. Inside the new arrivals will spend the next year in the tribes half a million dollar quarantine facility and be tested. Regularly for Bruce Willis a bacterial disease that can cause pregnant bison in cattle and October their fetuses he said the bison will then be sent to a tribe or federal agency trying to boost its conservation. Heard this summer the Fort Peck tribes sent its first graduates. It's of the quarantine program. Five Bison to the eastern Shoshoni of the Wind River reservation in Wyoming nearly five thousand Bison live in Yellowstone National Park and and over half of them test positive for Russillo. Sus there hasn't been a confirmed case of Bison spreading the disease to cattle but wildlife officials. Say this is in large part due to keeping the population -ation from getting too large. The agency Buys Management Team earlier. This month set goals of hunting two hundred to three hundred Bison that migrate out of the park this winter and capturing during another four hundred to six hundred ship to slaughter a park biologist at the quarantine program has space for one hundred ten Bison for National Native News. I'm Rachel creamer in Bozeman Montana and Damian Tonio Gonzales..

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