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Tax reform in thirty one years why is that uh i mean i thought about this the other day i was doing my afternoon show and we went into a we went into a news breaking her bushmen was doing the news i was sitting there i was thinking why is it taken thirty one years when all these politicians on the left and the right you know they keep gambling about you know we're here for the people were all about the people doing the peoples were blah blah blah and it's taken thirty one years to have any sign any type of meaningful tax reform what does that i'll tell you mm jerry march uh it's less about serving the constituents you and me and more about keeping her seat at the table of power and staying near as long as they can that's why we need term limits and campaign finance reform th these guys on us i'm all for the convention of states because government is just so big and so al hand it's it's just the all beyond beyond belief well it is article five is something i i think whose time has come uh washington and you know really let's be honest some of it's our fault we advocated our responsibility to a bunch of empty suits we knew nothing about uh big tell us whatever they thought we wanted to hear to get elected they ones once they got there they didn't care because it's too easy to you know entrenched yourself in the dc mentality and just stay there forever than around election time um you know you throw people with turkey and the joy of christmas and and say everything's gonna be great if you just reelect me and in all ads are fall we bought into that for way to law i have learned so much more in the last five years than i ever have had i known what i know today i would have never voted i would never voted for bill clinton the first time which i freely admit i the but what my jack with my second amendment acid now you're not gonna get by big bold uh if if it helps when it comes to uh when it comes to you know you're right to keep and bear arms uh i i know a lot of people on the internet say well now the.

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