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If the american public will stand for a national monument being reduced and if the court system will allow that to happen than that really the gives a boost to people who would like to see regulations removed or reduced elsewhere and for some of the protections that have been in place to prevent extractive industry access for other consumptive use your group access in other places so i do think v coal deposit but is supposed to be underlying some of the grand staircase train and the uranium deposits near and be the bears years train are really important to keep an eye on and there may be oil and gas plays there as well i'm not an expert on those things i i was mostly writing about ryan zinke but uh but i think if you look at the broad spectrum of what's going on right now this is an assault on the entire protection hyper out us we just saw bill come through committee the other day just two days ago two amend the wilderness act to allow mechanized devices including bicycles and federally designated wilderness areas this is a huge thing uh senator steve danes from my state of montana just introduced a bill in the senate that would legislatively withdraw protections from almost five hundred thousand acres wilderness study areas in montana so this is coming from all angles right now he fully deal i'd like to talk about the issue of lee's sings you write that in its october zinke announced the largest lease sale in us history involving nearly eighty million acres in the gulf of mexico including areas where a moratorium has been in place since the deepwater horizon still and zinke seems to frame the sale in terms of job creation i'm just wondering how you explained this justification is a really a lot of jobs that can be created here well i think there could potentially be a lot of jobs created by expanded exploration for oil and gas on public win but i want to return it's like cancer earlier question about the ways that saint he has been most powerful in terms of transforming the public land landscaped.

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