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Nation's most formidable and accomplished warriors, not to mention inspiring and motivating right? Okay. So who's up on deck this week? We've got Remmy, you know, my, but Remmy he's out in California. You've seen him in the movie transformers, guess what you are going to see him on your small screens, very soon. He's going to be in a couple of episodes of CBS's show about the seal team seal team six and then he's also. So we're gonna be hitting your or smaller screens possibly larger screens when he's on net. Flicks. He's got a Michael bay movie that's dropping believe sometime this summer. So you're going to see him in that as well. And then he has a lot of work behind the scenes, he's just that multi-talented. And speaking of his talent, he's also incredibly talented writer, and for those of you who got the chance to hang out with him in our early episodes. You know, how our ticket he is to he writes, just as well as he speaks believe it or not, and it's no easy thing to do. So what we're gonna talk about today? There's so much to talk about with him. He's such an inspiration to me personally. So if you're new to historic can't, wait for you to hear it. And I'd rather he tell you in his own words, he obviously will do a much better job than I ever could. But basically his story starts out in western Africa. He grew up with a lot of affluence every possible privilege, you imagine. But. Things. There was a reversal of fortune completely unjust so unfair a good reminder of the horrible things that go on around this world. And why it so important have people who are willing to stand up to drape. He ends up coming over to America with his mom a lot of share his stories youth, but his journey to becoming a navy seal is one of the most unique I've ever heard, and I've heard several hundred at this point. So I can't wait for you guys to hear about that for any of you who have been facing some adversity in your life or got some struggles. This is definitely the episode for you, you might even wanna listen to it more than once and they'll call twos that he's got a book coming out about his life. And you guys we're getting really special chance to sit down and get the inside scoop on what to expect in that book before anybody else does. And he's also got a top tip for you on some really RAD videos that you can get you can unlock for exclusive access as well. So he's gonna hook you guys out with the key to doing that. But also talk. About of course, his life is a Siong ask him about some of the challenges. He faces out there the dangers that he went through how he handled them. He's also really funny as you guys know, so we can expect a lot of funny stories to about just life in the seal team's those personal human moments. That will surprise folks off throw him some new icebreakers. Don't you worry? We're gonna won't go. I won't go soft on him. Just because he's been here before you know, we're going to challenge him. He's a seal after all. So I'm gonna throw him some curve balls. And we'll see what he's got..

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