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Enter to join us for this town hall, which is going to be a lot of fun? You can watch. Alison I talk, and we'll take some questions from you. The audience for Alice Cooper. So again. Find the entry form. On facebook or twitter at Sirius Xm volume. And the information on how to register, is there? And here's the deal. If you are listening to me right now with this on the day that this post, which is June fourth. Do it immediately? Because at noon, eastern time today. They're closing entry so unless you're listening to this. On the morning of the day, it went up. Or late at night if you're in the. Pacific Time Zone. On the night, it went up. You can enter right away. Try to enter anyway, even if it's passed the deadline. Try Who knows? But. Hopefully, you'll be joining me tomorrow. On Friday June fifth for a virtual. Get together with Alice Cooper which will be recorded, and then aired on my Sirius Xm volume show on Monday. Which again you can hear me on one. Oh, six volume everyday, live two to four eastern. With a nightly replay ten to midnight eastern. So there you go, let's. Get Ready to talk to Bruce Killick. Rest in Peace Bob curic. And Bruce joins us. Coming up on the trunk podcast. The Eddie Trunk podcast. Cast one presents. This is a collect call from sing. My name is John. Lennon I'm locked up for selling drugs and committing murder also cussing Vedra fresh squirm. Marshall Projects so I'm a writer and I'm prisoner. Imagine trying to stay focused and talk about issues substance..

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