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Hi, coach. I'm here. I hope you enjoying on my mind. And I also hope you checking the Cogil numb de show. We connect the dots between events happening in Washington, Maryland Virginia through conversations with politicians artists. Chefs the list goes on you can listen to our podcast on demand by subscribing on your favorite podcast app. So you never miss an episode. And we're back. Here's my conversation with Barry Meyer. His most recent book is pain killer and empire a deceit. Now there are lawsuits their lawsuits about three or four years ago. People kind of woke up and said, oh my God. There's an epidemic. They even coined a word. They they're now calling it the, you know, the opioid crisis. They're always was an opioid crisis. But it had to get to this dire point where sixty thousand Americans were dying of overdoses from legal and illegal drugs over the course of a year. It had to reach the point of insanity for people to start doing something. And it's tragic that this was not addressed earlier. So how is Purdue pharma reacting to all the foods? Purdue pharma is reacting much in the same way that it has always reacted one can at minimum give them consistency. As virtue. They admitted in two thousand seven they pled guilty to criminal charges that they had lied to doctors to patients to regulators to everyone about the benefits and risks of Oxycontin. But right up until that point they were claiming they were doing nothing wrong and ever since that point they have claim they have done nothing wrong. What we're seeing right now, I think is a repeat of what happened in tobacco litigation where. Again, the manufacturer of controversial product was successful for many many years in vending off lawsuits in fending off criticism in hiring the best lawyers and paying politicians and building a successful defence against public outcry. Now that defense were Purdue in the Sackler family is concerned has started to crack and the truth is starting to come out. So what the Sackler and Purdue? Have done rides alone is to blame the. Yes, there's a star Nouri Email. That's come out. That was written by Richard Sackler? Who is the son of Raymond Sackler one of proof Armas founders and Richard sokoll himself, the president of Purdue pharma during probably the height of abuse of Oxycontin. And you know, he says what we've gotta do is hammer on the abusers. You know, they're the problem there. The fall they created this concept in their head and tried to proliferated publicly. You know that there were two classes of people. There were good people. The patients who are taking these drugs. According to doctor's orders, and the bad people who were the abusers who were either live not taking it according to doctor's orders or buying on the street, or whatever the case. But the fact that the manager is that is much as Richard Sackler and. Other members of family might have railed against drug abusers or drug addicts a number of people who took content as prescribed by doctor did become dependent or addicted to the drunk about the their drug companies. Did they get involved with opioids in similar ways? Oh, yes. Purdue pharma is by no means unique here. I mean, they laid the groundwork. They open the door to the expanding use of opioids in medical setting in that kind of triggered this public health crisis that we're in now, but every other drug manufacturer follow them through that door. They they sort of the vast amount of money that could be made here, and they jumped in as well, and it was only drug manufacturers. It was companies that act as distributors of dry. So basically this the drug manufacturer that makes the drug there's drugstore that prescribes you the drug, but then in between them there are these companies that buy the drugs from manufacturers in distribute them to drugstores, what's come out again through investigative reporting and government investigations is that these distributors were shipping. Millions of pain pills to errors of the country where drug abuse was rampant knowing full well that this supply of pain pills far exceeded the legitimate need for them in these areas. Tell me about Fenton, no feno is another opioid. It's it's is used in the medical setting to treat pain. It's very powerful opioid can be used again for pro surgical pain could be used for cancer pain. But it's medical uses. Typically, are very limited defense, and all that your listeners are reading about or seeing

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