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So I think this is going to stick around even after it gets easier to do these things in their more traditional facilities. Another micro community we're building is in relation to language learning. We've always used a mixture of things like dueling, go and different software to learn but this need for community has kind of spread the idea of working with local friends who are already fluent in the languages and actually learning interacting with them directly in those languages. Current interests amongst the kids are Spanish and Japanese. which are pretty practical like Spanish. Language learn right now and they several of them picked Japanese. In hopes that a couple of their friends. Are Potentially and to make it to the Olympics next year and they love to be able to go watch, and so they're wanting to prepare to learn Japanese. In advance and that we're working with local friends to learn those languages and then to have someone to actually speak back and forth with and just like any of these micro communities and classes, there's a built in benefit here as well. They're getting more personalized instruction from people they already know entrust and also the person teaching. Especially, if it's their first language, they're getting reinforcement and they're getting better by getting to teach the skill because as Richard Feynman was famous recording out when you teach something, you actually retain it and remember it better. So anytime, we can build in peer teaching or involving someone in a small community and teaching it benefits both people. Last, in spring, many of you may have had that necessities gyms in your local area close this was certainly the case where we are, and during that time a lot of us turned to your home fitness options or outdoor fitness options and I. Think this is one of the great silver linings of everything of this year and I'm really excited to see this happen and hoping it sticks. It's certainly is for us. So rather than all of us returning to. Just. Jim Tally. We decided to build micro communities around this in our neighborhood, and these are much less formal than, for instance, the homeschool ones or the personalized kids activities. But we realized that we had yoga teachers in our neighborhood. We had people with similar fitness goals in are very small area, and so we just started building these things in as opportunities to do together. So whether it's someone in the neighborhood teaching a yoga class or several of us, just going for a walk or a sprint or running or lifting weights together. We now have built in fitness partners and also social interaction from our small groups. Perhaps, the micro community I'm most excited about this year is the one that I've already been teaching my own kids for a while and now I'm kind of expanding to our local community and also soon hopefully be expanding to include your family if you would like, and that is the business incubators, slash entrepreneurship and finance course that we developed for our own family like teaching this to a local group of kids now, and I'm working on an online version for families to be able to do this together, but it's built on the idea. That we created in our family. Is that when the kids are about thirteen or fourteen, they finish up most of what would be considered traditional school and they move into a phase that's more like a business incubator slash entrepreneurship course for them, and our reasoning here was that we could teach many of the most important skills for adulthood in a very hands on fashion through the practice of running a business. So everything from financial management to attention to detail consistency problem-solving. Tolerance for risk learning from failure just so much is built into the experience of creating a business. This isn't have to be a large business by any means it could be something as simple as pets or mowing the grass where it could be a bigger more involved complex business but we set the expectation with our kids that we were going to help them do this. And that this was something in our family that we require before they can drive and before they can have a phone and it's been really amazing to see the start paying off with our older kids and to see how it's leading to them thinking in a problem solving way and innovating in various aspects of their lives that I wanted to be able to offer this to other children in our community as well, and so we're building for the first time. A small group focused on that that'll be teaching and like I said I'll also be working fast as I can to get this available for your family. If you want to give your kids this basis for financial management and a long term strategy for business and financial management and wealth and all the lessons that are so naturally built in to that. This podcast is brought to you by beekeepers naturals. Beekeepers is on a mission to reinvent your medicine cabinet with clean remedies that work starting with immune support their bestselling product probably strokes. Is My daily defense when it comes to supporting immune house and soothing scratchy throats they have a kids version with buckwheat honey as well. Never heard of PROPOLIS. It's an antioxidant rich be product with powerful germ fighting properties and it's quickly becoming medicine cabinet staple their natural publicist raise naturally sourced and obsessively tested. 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