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Excited about go on the I take it that easy as well. You Watch these things that easy. You just have a little bit of Charter Star. What did you do for a living? You got versions enjoy that they do. You have a little chat and you just get on and you know and play to the crowd carver. Not and you don't have to pretend you got it if they lose either. Because you know you've gotta you gotTa go. GotTa go is what you could've won. Never Mind You keep the copyrights soon knows Craig Thomas. Who knows what we'll see what happens in part three car for two. Thanks for some reason to leave. The currency comes to a nice hotel. Yeah we'll take my love to say he's like learn and episode is done and what an episode did enjoy our was. I think that's what we need. The joy of Maine Oprah call is. There's no point pilot too much. He never know what you can get. And you're going to go off road sometimes and you're GONNA go down some conversational coldest socks but you just have. A RECALL IS GREAT COMPANY. And he's always always welcome back on this podcast sub massive. Thank you to call and a massive. Thank you to you for downloading and listening and tell you what if he can't help us out financially. 'cause I understand I do understand that you know were about being know how much myself graph love what we do. And we've had all the live shows cancelled. Which is you know why we're going to try to instagram. Live to bring the British back on. But if you call it suppose on patron right. Going gone spread the word. Go and tell some friends go. Do you know what you stuck in your awesome listen to conversations with people. I mean you have to dress up a bit more than that doesn't sound interesting. Does you'll Perino site that and the saints. Somebody who never shows hope I know I know speaking showing up. I'm GonNa do that now what I want you to do until next week. Look out for the INSTAGRAM. Live time and date feed is GonNa come through a little announcement. Talia joins Graham. When I've got gas soared I will let you know until then stay indoors. Stay SAFE STAY SOUND. Do Look after yourself and thank you again so much for download and subscribe and I've Been Great Parkinson in does as been produced a graph also in does and this has been the to show podcast. You take to shop. Podcast is presented by me. Craig Parkinson record produced by Thomas Griffin for splicing blocks on music. Up Really is courtesy often seconds which is..

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