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Welcome to classics for kids. I'm naomi lewin. Eighteen eleven was called the year of the great comet because a comet lit up the sky for over nine months and eighteen eleven was when franz liszt was born this came from writing which is in austria now but back then it was part of the austro-hungarian empire lists father worked for the same hungarian prince haydn had worked for years earlier. He wasn't a professional musician but he played several instruments including the piano list was six. His father started giving him lessons and list played his first concert in public when he was nine. Local members of the nobility were so impressed that they paid for him to go steady in vienna. Which was the center of music there. He took lessons from carl czerny. Who had studied piano with beethoven when czerny saw how talented list was he started. Teaching him for free list also started studying composition and he had his first piece published when he was eleven after a while czerny told list he had nothing more to teach him so list and his family moved to paris when he tried to get into the paris conservatory. They wouldn't take him not because he wasn't good but because he wasn't french list continued to study privately and to give concerts around europe since he was also very religious. He thought about becoming a priest instead of a musician but his father said you belong to art. Not the church. In paris list met three musicians who changed his life pianist. Frederic chopin was just a year older than list. Who thought chopin was great. Composer actor barely owes wrote program music. Which tells a story without using words that fascinated list and then there was niccolo. Paganini a violinist. Who was the first musical superstar when list saw how audiences reacted to pack amini. He decided he would be the pack anini of the piano. People went crazy for list. Not only did he play well. He also looked interesting tall and elegant with long hair way before there was bieber fever. The german poet heinrich china coined the term list oh mania. His fans wore jewelry with his portrait and may jewelry out of his broken piano strings and one woman even picked up a cigar but he threw away set in diamonds and wore. That list spent eight years giving concerts all over europe. He made a lot of money and gave a lot away to charity then when he was thirty. Five a polish princess convinced him to stop touring as a pianist and spent time composing so he settled down in weimar germany to conduct a court orchestra. Not only did he. Invent new ways of conducting. He also came up with a new musical form. The symphonic poem another thing lists specialized in was taking other people's compositions like songs and operas and turning them into pieces for solo piano speaking of opera lists daughter cozy my wound up marrying opera composer. Richard wagner after lists other. Two children died. He moved to rome and finally studied to be a priest. He spent the last two decades of his life teaching masterclasses which he invented in a masterclass students. All sit together taking.

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