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Fly from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is thanking federal law enforcement for arresting six members of a militia group in an alleged plot to kidnap her. A Democrat, has been a frequent target of right wing groups, who have described her as a tyrant overhear Corona virus shut down orders at a news conference today. Wittmer also took aim at President Trump. Just last week, the president of the United States stood before the American people. And refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups like these to Michigan militia groups. Stand back and stand by, he told them. The criminal complaint alleges the group had conspired to kidnap Wittmer from her vacation home before the November election Seperately. Seven others were charged in state court under Michigan's anti terrorism laws for allegedly targeting police and seeking a civil war. Louisiana Governor John Bell. Edwards has declared a state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Delta. Patrick Madden of member Station W. W. N O reports the storm is gaining strength as it makes its way toward the U. S. Gulf Coast For the sixth time this hurricane season. Louisiana is in the path of a major hurricane. Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall Friday, with forecasters predicting the storm could strike southwest Louisiana, the same area that was pummeled by Hurricane Laura in August. Life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds are likely according to the National Hurricane Center and Flooding could be a key concern as well. Delta would be the 10th named Storm to hit the U. S in a single hurricane season. The first time that's ever happened..

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