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Last night listening to sound off of one to sound off three or four. Give me those communities here. We go these dark today journals. You're watching the start today morning. Show why do we devote this much time? Why why do we show up? Every single week date eight. Am central to hang out with. You is because we wanna get you in the habit of starting your day with intention and joy and gratitude and all the things so the start today journal is a daily practice that we do that we have as a product. Hollis Co that will help you to every single day five pieces of gratitude every single day. Ten Dreams are going to make come true and the one goal. You'RE GONNA work on first and if you don't know what Tim Dreams. You WanNa do yet. You could almost showed you guys some. Whoa WHOA WHOA. The Beginning Chapter of the Journal is a whole chapter. That helps you to figure out where you're going envision your future how do you lay it out? What is the roadmap all that stuff so start today journals are available on the House Co Dot Com? Or if you don't want to buy them no worries you're good. Yeah if you don't want to buy them you can listen to episode seventy two of the rise podcast and do the practice for free in whatever notebook you have. We are starting our last ninety days last ninety days Starts on October first. It is our community wide challenge. It is totally free. You literally have nothing to lose. It is you're GONNA get a weekly email from us. That's a different theme of the week. And how to unpack it and how to be stronger in the different topics that we cover things like relationship. Gratitude confidence productivity persistence. Like all the things so that that's our weekly team and then every single day on start today morning show Dave and I are GonNa dig into that theme something we do as a community hundred. Hundreds of thousands of people do it every single year. Totally free you just go to the House Co Dot Com forward slash last ninety days and put in your email address. And you're in you're in. We do this thing in our weekly team meeting where we finish with a note from our customer service team and the note from customer service for yesterday's Ho Condo was from a woman who participated in last ninety days last year. She was telling how the practice the community having the structure and getting into some good habits helped her. During the ninety days lose eighty pounds which is crazy and by the way your goal here may not be losing. A single pound may be getting into some better habits but for her she lost eighty pounds. Like what and she was saying that her goal was overall to lose one hundred and she was so excited that last night as was starting because of the chance to have that last twenty pounds as a thing that she's going to try and tackle in the final ninety days of two thousand nineteen and man. What Iran thing? If you hit the Hashtag last ninety days you can see. There's one hundred looked this morning. There's one hundred and sixty hashtags he one hundred and sixty thousand hashtags that people who've given up stories of what they went through last year and how it changed their life in some way. It's had this idea what's your day. Our friends in Canada. Ask how they can get the journals in Canada and we are working so hard to get shipping figured out four Canada and listen. It just occurred to me. Hey Canada do you know anyone who owns a bookstore? A gift shop a something in Canada. Ship it all to that one person that one person in that one person gets like right like there has to be a smarter way to go about this so because Canada keeps asking man. We would love to show up for you if you know someone who has a store a massive business opportunity if you know someone who has a store that would make sense to have a journal hit send a note to support at the Hollis Code Dot Com and in the subject line put like Canada in store. Yeah chapters yes thank you have. How many times have we reached out to chapters to ask them if they would like this? Hook you someone who works there. It's weird because we would love to give.

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