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By the way again even Democrats were annoyed by this ridiculous Rosa DeLauro character grandstanding on this issue Donna shillelagh let the health department under Bill Clinton said no one wanted to hear that either Democrats or Republicans we just want to hear the substance tomorrow the leading help us help appropriate or accuse the administration of a lack of urgency and warned there were several crucial questions that remained unanswered as lawmakers transfer to a bigger room a visibly frustrated Laura told Khaleej didn't give a rat's **** and about the reaction and the members needed answers from the administration the briefing was led by the CDC director Robert Redfield an aging factors disease specialist Tony felt she was called to update members on the state of the corona viruses spread as men age address whistleblower complaint officials did not directly contradicted the allegations but they insisted they believed everyone is properly trained and protocols were followed that was about that was a blower complaint mentioned earlier meanwhile CNN trying to claim that trump is silencing scientists this is based on a New York times piece that points out that the White House is now running all messaging through Mike pence which get makes a lot of sense okay makes lot of sense one have a singular message coming out of the administration if there is a cover up okay if it turns out that the corona virus outbreak is much more widespread than that will damage the administration far worse than anything else for radical transparency is called for and the administration I think knows this but they don't want is exactly what is happening much lower level officials running out and saying different things and then the media reporting chaos in the administration so the media are trying to create this catch twenty two if you're a bunch of low level officials running out they're uncoordinated saying different things and it's a chaos in the administration no one's heading this up it's a complete disaster show okay and then if you have one person having it like pens and all the messaging is going to depend on it the bottle neck this thing this is censorship is in in other words there's nothing the trump can do right here read there's nothing appends can do right here is CNN trying yesterday to suggest that trump was silencing scientists to prevent them from talking about corona virus which is absolutely absurd the problem occurs when a you have a president who starts with very little credibility and then be you have an administration that has had mixed messages and what the people want is the truth and the question is whether you can get the truth more from the scientists or whether you believe the politicians are the right people to get the truth when scientists use the word pandemic they don't take that lightly and they say that it is a possibility and if they are muzzled from talking about that possibility I think that could threaten public health okay muscle from talking and no one's muzzling anybody he's using nobody is monthly the problem is that they're a bunch of different stories coming out and then a shocking the stock market because when you are getting multiple different stories that raise the level of uncertainty that's a problem you actually want to go if you want or need a response then you want to coordinate a response if you want an uncoordinated discombobulated response and by all means don't set up some sort of head and head of the system is ridiculousness from the media the RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel she she came out and she said like this is this is ridiculous you weren't close you're acting like political hacks we should all be on the same page this thing this of course is true they're trying to Stoke fear and the American people this is a time when Americans usually come together and they put aside their political differences and they say how can I help this president how can I make sure we calm the fears of the American people and that's it the precisely the opposite of what Democrats are doing they're politicizing that's we're preparing we're putting protocols in place and we're going to be ready and Democrats should be joining him and say guess what we're gonna work together across party lines to make sure our country safe and politicizing it which they've done with every single issue when it comes to this president and that is why they're just so shameful and they haven't help solve many many problems of the American people are facing she's saying it she speaks truth she speaks truth okay that is a hundred percent true I mean you can see in the Washington post Washington post as another piece today about how trump is mean to bureaucrats so obvious is threatens the country because trump is right down the deep state throughout his more than three years as president of the Washington post trump is obsessed by time conspiratorially over what it calls the deep state the thousands of career government specialist and national security intelligence science in other areas whose expertise he shuns in part because he suspects they're disloyal saboteurs and so the first case of coronavirus not tied to foreign travel the next in California on Wednesday trump finds himself grappling with a crisis for which his record suggests he's particularly ill suited to respond so because trump is ripping as Intel people because they were in fact leaking a bunch of crap about him for years on end this means he's ill equipped to respond I leading health officers do their job many come on come on come on this is exactly what Democrats are looking for it's it this doesn't mean that trump can't handle this better I said it I said right from beginning president trump should be quite no weapons handle this thing not to worry about it that's what he should do and should let his people handle it but to proclaim that we are in the midst of a of a public relations in from clause crisis is just missing the fact that the rest of the world is the source of coronavirus is the source of the global economic risk the United States is actually the only solid island in a sea of chaos coming up brand new polls from South Carolina as we approach the South Carolina primary tomorrow Joe Biden's last gasp board beginning to come back the bench ABC dependable traffic right now sponsored by the southern California BMW centers corona the ninety one east bound up the fifteen stalled car has been cleared from lanes diamond bar on the sixty eastbound at Grand Avenue disabled vehicle left lane blocked Porter ranch on the one eighteen east bound before Tampa crash left the car facing the wrong way in the right lane orange on the fifty five north bound at old ranch road accident left lane blocked right.

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