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Sneeze this 'cause it and is going to stay in here for the rest of the day and you're gonNA cost the house. My Lord is so yes cass. She got her ending. She made friends with Rapunzel again. She came back to life. I got yeah I guess she kind of did. She literally came back to La in like a metaphorical sentence. But I guess she surely did. I wonder if she's GonNa those books now. Like heaven is real. I died for Thursday. Cast is going to be an awesome. I feel like castle. Not Be a good writer though. The patient is what I was GONNA say. I'm perfect But yeah she even had a little nice note with Eugene so she got off to a very friendly ending and then she wrote away on on her horse for Vanilla. Didn't know whether wait that means. Max and Fidel are separated. I'll know the romance broken up. Y'All terrible like yes. Cast had to leave repairs on her destiny. But what if maximum does destiny was to be together and then the human separated them babies? You know that actually. I kind of liked that because it means that one day cast will come back to the Kingdom because maximum fidel will need to see each other. So there's a reason for her to return Fidel's like one laws visit my see boo but So do you. I know you have your favorite idea of what casts does after she leaves to find ourselves so I saw her goal is to find herself right. Like that's what she said. It's not necessarily that. She doesn't want to be in the Kingdom. It's that she doesn't know what she wants exactly and so she wants to find out where she blogs where she she. River Coronas like puzzle or pencils home ground and she wants to find her own place. Would you agree with that yes? She hasn't found the place that I think is that she hasn't found out her younger within herself yet so she needs to think and good way. We'll have that Paul by so you think what effect that would make you more confused because you don't have time to think about yourself when you're busy thinking about all these new places. I wanted to find herself. She should just lock herself in a closet for a few days except like when you go to university if you go somewhere else because really important to go away and be really independent because it helps you really really become with yourself and think about yourself and like how do I work. How like how can I put my time so I can work? Must've been like just give all the personality like this wasn't Castro Independent. Loa this whole season though because she was just on her own or did Wall she was Ontario like do all the cooking the cleaning she was under bad influence. Though Abedin's Linton I feel like she wasn't she doesn't like the South as they about. The destiny is Ontario. One I think about. I guess that's one of the things that I'd take a little issue with like. She is susceptible to that influences. And she just spent all this time alone with this evil person in your head and it seems like senator on her own to like random places is just a recipe for disaster. Like she's GonNa find on tier two point. Oh and I get taken and again I mean she kind of she kind of is because she doesn't know what she wants and that mentions very easily led and influenced but didn't you let us in the last. I don't know I've never found out we. Will you know We'll we'll we'll talk about what the future holds in terms of actual content at the end. So I know you have a theory about where cast goes or where she ends up at least dealing spell it out for not pronounce the name in Navarre. Yeah she goes to the warrior woman kingdom like hey that offer better so stand Yaw. And then she becomes their captain of the guard or they're like training in charge person at night. I like the should have observed trading academy father warriors so she could like help run that or something like she loves like very few most center can she loves like pushing people do their best and like dude very physically active things And the so I really enjoy. That was always her dream and then re puzzle kind of twisted change. That dream was like so I think she tantrum for awhile. Okay let's have a little segment where we're going to do a mock interview role play. So you're GONNA be Cassandra when she has an interview. Because it's your idea that showed up so you're you strident Ingvar. And I am the person interviewing you for the job. So your name is Cassandra. Is that right yes? Do you have a last name? Casandra filling but I have a face returned. Accept anyone with bottom in their last name. I can change it. Sure enough to enough. So Cassandra I hear that you have been on a villainous streak lately. Is that correct? I was just getting more in tune with my inner. I hear you a defeated by Princess. Not Strong enough to overcome now. I was her long hair. I was defeated by an intern demon. That's understandable I suppose I try. Is it true or not true that you tried to trap this ancient demon in a birdcage wasn't a very and it was magical rock. I see and are you still able to make that magical rock nine. That's a shame we used all right last question What is more important friendship or power? You've got the job misbalance south I think I think cast learned a little bit like she still wants. She wants to find out her own destiny and follow that destiny but she also recognizes the value of friendships. And that turn away those friendships just to chase power. Now do you. Do you think she'll ever come back to grow ticket together. Very very you mean you mean you mean to get together to get together. No Anna very in casts are not going to be things no no. She's like his inspiration. His Goth fashion big sister like mentor kind of role. I was thinking of twelve. No He's not he's like sixteen now fourteen and he's like twenty five thirty she's like nineteen and I was thinking of Erica. Pinson popper when she goes deliver dream but then she realizes that the laws with the man of the game so I know for so long and then he like helps save her. I mean you know. I'm not one for age gap love but I mean help. Save her life and tell her to be evil in does. Now no she. She leaves and then like the next day. She is back into town very that song. You saying nothing left to lose have been seen. Hamanaka myself all of my one day trip and made me realize that I can be apart from voices and Jelly. Yes welcome home. Casandra your background. You come into my mom's science to gather. We have chemistry. Oh you and me well rule to Kinda take over corona for only turn it. He wouldn't do that would he? Respect for Eugene even if cast sm see. That's what. I wonder if tacit Ashbury the team up instead of just like kidnapping him do you think he would have have thought about it for my questions asked him if he had a loan.

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