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Saint Louis News radio KMOX Let's swing over to Roger brand. He has his eyes on the roads and the steeple Traffic center Thomas Traffic reports of service of Woods basements systems. If you're headed out on the area roadways we have that stall of South found. Well, I guess you call West 44 right its seventh Street. They moved it over to the left shoulder, so it's not blocking anything any longer there, So that's good news downtown. You have a couple of accidents north around 67 River one's way we had the one that was partially blocking North bound before you depart first, basically, so it's no big deal to do with one overturned vehicle accident on North Found a bell founded Shepley a little bit of a back up there. It's not too expensive about midway between again Chambers and 71 87 to get my full down through the halls. Various courts that works on set up and running till about two this afternoon on West 70. It's a combination of things, you know, I was mentioning earlier that it was road work, but there's also a stall tractor trailer out there. Westbound 70. Just forget the lake scene was Boulevard. Between the two your jam solidly Like I said at Brian Road on Westbound Highway 70 some folks taking westbound 60 40. That's a little busier west of the Bulworth prospect of all that West bomb run there. That is not dampen. Then we have that accident. Camp Jackson there, Lorraine. That's partially blocking North bound to 55 15. Seeing a little bit of a slowdown in that area. We had overnight roadwork on our route three of around Niedringhaus. It looks like that's been picked up. Next update at 6 30 from a steeple traffic center. All right. It's just gonna be hot the rest of this week, so just prepare yourself accordingly are heatwave continuing with real field temperatures near 100 each afternoon?.

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