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Off the charts. You're always buying highs and lows and he tends to ride higher highs and lower lows because of the nature of the way he plays you most But on a which is probably why. I have a hunch carolina moves on because they're looking for steady bourgeois as fit. I see him as a fit. I think philly probably values him. I think carolina might consider him too because he you know but again hasn't had the opportunity hasn't done it before so he comes with risks. Can he do it in a larger sample. But that's a name that certainly jumps out to me beyond that and jonathan bernier. Jonathan burnett has been really going in detroit for the last three years. The problem is detroit. Yeah and some goalies can get a rep for being really good on really bad teams right. I'm not sure if that's fair for bernie. I do think a team like the flyers has interest in him. I think carolina did make him an offer. Just it was really low ball offer. I think he's gonna hit the mark surprise supplies But like you know like there's a guy that i still think can be a number one guy. He has had a lot of success. But what happens if you put him in an environment where you're not busy. You're not seeing a lot of shots. Yup and the expectations are just totally different. I think he can handle that. But i know there's a lot of goalie coaches and general managers right now. That are looking at that with enough uncertainty that. I don't know how deeply they're willing to commit to commit to him. He he was awesome last year even the past two years. I think i think he was. He was for detroit taste too good based on what they were trying to accomplish. But yeah i mean if you look at his results. Compared to the other trotted out there and look at his game you actually fit carolina really well steadiness to him that the devolve. That's just a you know. It's like i actually think checks a lot of the boxers but i just i just don't know that he's that that they're willing to pay him what he thinks he can get on the open maybe hits the market. I think he's going to be pretty highly after a couple of some sort of crazy contract. But i think there's going to be teams that are lining up to try and get them and that's the question right in a buyer's market and this this clearly is a buyer's mark. All it takes his one devalue that guy to the point where they absolutely need to have them. I know he's i on a couple of lists..

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