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Key roster and say what that which is not dismiss their buildings his players these guys just aren't known commodities that spilled douglas with mcclatchy news service he is headed to the two thousand eighteen winter olympics believes that have to stop by our studios first bill thank you so much for joining us and hopefully we'll talk again he'll tell so it's gonna be cold while i do it thank you for having me finally today it super bowl sunday you thought we forgot didn't you of course we didn't we were just trying to figure out what else there was to say after weeks of pre super bowl hype then we thought what about the walk on music when the respective teams the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles take the field pretty dear friend as npr's hip hop writer rodney carmichael reports and there's a story behind the eagle's choice this would they been waiting for the philadelphia eagles fooling the super bowl bashir have chosen as their introductory song dreams and nightmares by local philly wrapper on meal i used to make it sound like this the round like this so i had like to share like this cinematic up time i spent in the back it up paddy wagons black thorn risk so the sony starts with these really barebones piano train near streams come and you hear me laying out you know his story his narrative this really explicit is real it's a real story is his real story from ragstoriches his rise in the rap industry and the dreams and nightmares so to speak that have come from guy hey i like artisanal curling restricting what can as the mac maharaj boom the track starts.

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