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Sara murray is out front sarah what is going on here well erno certainly at the white house for more details but it looks a little bit like a game of semantics here i mean maybe he saying that they didn't speak directly to see bannon and said there were conversations with steve bannon lawyer or maybe you're saying that the white house hasn't officially asserted executive privilege but here's what we do know that steve bannon was behind closed doors he was testifying for nearly six hours and throughout their testimony he took breaks and while they were taking breaks his lawyer would confer via telephone with the white house counsel's office about what steve bannon was allowed or not allowed to say and we come back with the guidance that bannon could not talk about anything that had to do with the transition or anything that had to do with his tenure in the white house and in fact when sarah sanders the press secretary was answering questions about bannon's appearance today she didn't dispute the notion that these phone calls we're going back and forth instead she said it was totally normal for that to be happening take a listen this process that is typically followed sometimes they actually have a white house attorney present in the room this time it was something that was relayed via phone and again was following standard procedure for instance like this so what we know is that the white house has been working behind the scenes to limit what some of these witnesses we'll talk about when they go behind closed doors but you know a kind of remains unclear what happens next in all of this we did see corey lou endow cki he was on the hill today when he was asked again behind closed doors about anything that had to do with his time since leaving the presidential campaign he punted but he said that he was unprepared to answer the committee's questions the white house in view of this is there doing nothing wrong that there simply simply maintaining precedent democrat see it as an effort to muzzle important witnesses one thing about steve bannon is appearance he certainly left that room infuriating lawmakers on both sides of the aisle right some for her.

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