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Of a department wide call for home. And security's surge capacity force. Volunteers spend up to 45 days helping FEMA deal with disaster response Wherever needed. The latest T s a search squad first went to Dallas, Texas, for two days of training before assignment throughout the country. They're not actually giving shots, but rather staffing, check in desks and minding the post vaccine observation areas, and they work 12 hour shifts. Surge capacity force was last activated in 2012 for Hurricane Sandy. Tom Temin Federal news Network Ah, Virginia business The owner that we've been keeping up with throughout the pandemic, says she's closing down after 28 years in the Arlington and she says she fears other small businesses are going to face the same fate. Owner of Illusions of Shirlington Airmall Wheeler is trying to accept she had to close the doors. It's an important it invisible pieces could be treated that way, Wheeler says when she agreed to a new lease with Federal Realty, the company Said she'd have to pay back the three months it gave her at half rent and agreed to a 3% annual increase. So I tried to negotiate with them asking them, you know, due to the pandemic, and two that we working and a half capacity to, you know, don't raise our rates. They were not willing to work with me at all. Federal Realty did not reply to our multiple requests for comment. Meanwhile, Wheeler thinks other small businesses could face having to pay back rent. Meghan Clarity. W T. O P News President Biden son Hunter details his lifelong struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse in a new memoir, writing that in the last five years alone, his two decades long marriage has dissolved guns were put in his face. And at one point he was living in Super eight motels off of I 95 What Biden call's. His deep descent into substance addiction followed the 2015 death of his older brother, Bo, who died from brain cancer at the age of 4600. Biden's book, Beautiful Things is set for release on Tuesday, Up ahead here in money news. Jobless claims have been headed down last week, and looks like that trend is now reversing its 8 53. This is a special announcement for men with the D A local medical clinic is offering free doses of a breakthrough et medication to the 1st 75 men who call now this Offer.

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