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You think what trump did is a crime is impeachable or to be removed from office by not going to convince you otherwise if you feel that what are you going to do it Joe by. because Joe Biden. back in March twenty sixteen went to the then you created president Petro Poroshenko and told him that he better fire the prosecutor who's trying to investigate respond. the natural gas company that Biden son works for Biden wanted this guy out he had a bomb is backing as you'll notice in this clip. any told him clearly. if you don't fire this guy investigating berries but we're holding back a billion dollars in loan guarantees. and so the prosecutor got fired yeah by the way the explanation for this is that back in twenty fourteen Obama may Joe Biden the point man for Ukraine to try to help them out with their problems of corruption shortly after that after by he went there his son hunter gets on the board of this natural gas company that's a son is I got it is would oversee their legal departing as a son has no experience in natural gas and no experience in Ukraine but somehow he magically got a fifty thousand dollar month job okay and he's on the board what we're gonna play this clip here now again you think trump putting out fine what do you do with bite me here Biden brags about this two years later in twenty eighteen at the council of foreign relations with video cameras rolling and we have the idea and I had gotten a commitment from portion co hand from yachts in Europe that they would take action against the state prosecutor they did so they said they had a they walk out to Prescott Sena's and I'm not kidding or we're not going to give you the billion dollars I said you have no authority you're not the president the president said I should call one. and I'm telling you not get billion dollars I sent you not get the billion I will be leaving here I think it was about six hours I look as if we were to six hours the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money son of a ****. got fired and they put in place someone who was solid at the time so the prosecutor again was go investigate Breese might wear hunter Biden works. corrupted company. alright we'll take by notice board here he's got a bomb is backing well if the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money he got fired and you notice everybody at the council on foreign relations last is sent out word because that's how it works right that's how business is done. so again you compare that to what truck did in this transcript he said I I want you to call bill Barr Rudy Giuliani this is by design to be investigated. that's it. no money. no money being discussed at all. so I I don't from should go I guess but it's got to go to and for other senators as well who have made threats to the Ukrainian government that if they didn't do what the senators wanted then eight is going to be withheld all four Democrats. all right away. secure. the Bible mentions there at the end the new guy for a while if he pops up in this story again because apparently is name is Lysenko and he said that while reviewing the Burr Riesman investigative files he discovered members of the board of teen funds as well as another U. S. based legal entity something called Rosemont Seneca partners for consulting services as it turns out between April twenty fourteen October twenty fifteen more than three million dollars was paid out to bore Reese my accounts to an account link the hunter Biden and another guy the name of orchards Rosemont Seneca from that I just mention one question about what's that money for. thank you we know what it's for. so they don't lose billions of dollars worth of funding that's what it's for this is about politics works you wonder how these guys end up wealthy how many times as somebody said it's like I don't understand how these politicians get so rich you know they got jobs or they're only paid like a hundred seventy thousand dollars year how did they end up with millions of dollars this is how and it's launcher it's larger to family members and other companies and other countries the again listen to the laughter I thought the laughter in that clip said everything now the by all right guys Landis begets faced with this audio is going to be that prosecutor was terrible is not doing his job I was there to do something about you create corruption I needed to tell them they have to get a better guy right somebody who's not gonna daily sun you can't get around that his son was intimately involved with a company that was being investigated for corruption. all right I mean I mean I was so what's the standard here this is all by the way do you think the at the average Joe Joe cares about any of this now is this is one of those would explain the double standard yeah I'm trying to get everything trumped up but his amazingly reviewed in detail and exaggerated but you know the Biden Obama whatever right when we come back we'll play some of what trump had to say today at his news conference and then we'll play the Rudy Giuliani meltdown all yeah that is really cool Johnny can KFI Deborah mark.

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