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Yes, I'm confused. The recording of our live broadcast recording of our live podcast, right? We're we're deep too early. I'm just trying to put together in other words right now. We're recording our podcast live for you on the radio. Thank you guys. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yeah. And folks could jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five nine perspective. Sometimes it's like talking to my grandfather telling him how to open an app or how to check the VCR. That's what it feels like. Sometimes what do you mean? Check the issue. I don't know six. Oh, six here on the of Don show big beating yesterday. Six city of Austin, Travis county commissioners and the Austin school board trustees they got together yesterday to well. Let state lawmakers know what they need to do to make some changes when it comes to Robin Hood and school financing. They say it's a huge problem. Of course, we've been talking about this issue for years it was deemed unconstitutional by a local judge at one point the county. Inter government relations, liaison, his decent Stein. And says there's only one thing that needs to happen to give taxpayers relief bottom line, which is. Has unless we fix school finance? There's nothing that's significantly going to help people with their tax bills. Well, listen state, lawmakers do not set the tax rate. They don't even do the property evaluation's. That's all done on the city and the county level and the school district level Stein. Says he's hopeful that the house has signaled this one is one of the top priorities for the next legislative session. The begins in what five weeks here in Austin? Yeah. The thing is though anytime anytime this journey kind of reduction in taxes somewhere something else goes up at the same time. We we never feel it. It's just you know, they talk about it all they want. It's nothing that will ever make a difference in our life. I loved for these people who are blasting how we fund public schools, which would probably we do need to address changes. But they never say what is the alternative? No. What is that? What what would be your idea of a way to fund public schools? We hear that a lot. We gotta fix school financing. Okay. What? Does that mean what does it mean? I think the ultimate goal should be legalized marijuana. Collect the taxes on it. Would lower the taxes for everyone in all sectors. That would that would help the rich the poor those in the middle class. It would Ray would change school financing overnight and everybody would be in a good mood while they're doing. Everybody would get everybody would get a new stadium. Every school bus would have air conditioning. Right and French fries sales would go through the roof. Now, speaking of air conditionings on school buses, the Texas commission on environmental quality is given the Leander school district some help and keeping students cool while on the bus. Remember the controversy that brood over the hot hot afternoons kids sitting in buses no air conditioning, while this is all through some grant money. The district is adding twenty four new propane fueled buses with air conditioning. Thanks to a grant from the state's environmental agency seven hundred and forty thousand dollars, right? You know? Air conditioned in a lot of us argued. Well, when we were kids we didn't have air conditioning on our buses. Well, no, we didn't. But that's kind of archaic kidnap. Does anybody wanna go back to the days of Noah in their homes? They didn't they can do. We used to not have air conditioning at home. That's right. Nobody wants to go back. Yeah. We all survived it. But you know, what there's a better alternative? It's called a c. Yeah. Put it in. It is six zero eight stay with us coming up at six twenty as you know, the stock market took a dive yesterday big in going to get some reaction to that on both sides of this issue. And what it means a lot of people are talking about the possibility of a recession late two thousand nineteen. We'll get it that coming up though, right now six oh nine a time for the rush update as we get ready to celebrate the start of the Christmas season, we have just been treated to a highly spiritual sermon on Monday night, the sermon spoke of getting rid of hate division and violent in other words, bringing peace on earth. He focused on the right thing to do. He preached about the importance of being clear on moral questions. He advocated basing decisions on values, and he closed with these inspiring words, I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment our morality our own innate desire to separate right from wrong. Choosing to set that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin the preacher. Tim cook. Apple's CEO he was receiving the anti defamation league's courage against hate award. Very first one they've ever awarded. He wasn't talking about the golden rule or the spirit of the season. He was talking about the sacred duty to kick certain people off of tech platforms. Divisive people not kicking them off as a sin. This new religion. And Mr. crooks is a real ho ho ho, it's. Mary shut up if we don't approve and there goes all cooperation I've ever had with apple out the window. Hey, guys and girls don't mind me as I interrupt your radio program. It's Sharon trop ner. Neuro brain mapping expert. Do me a favor and don't touch that. Dial. That's a mistake. 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