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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is closing again due to covert 19 concerns. A rise in Corona virus cases and hospitalizations has moved center Cruz County from the orange tear back into the more restrictive red here, forcing the part too close again. Another close theme park, California. I have Ah, results from the obvious results from the new study. Okay? New study finds it forcing yourself to exercise. Maybe the best thing to do in mentally turbulent times. People who rarely exercised nearly twice as likely to be depressed and anxious. Totally believe it right. I men Yes. So that's out of the university College London. At some point. Do you think they could stop doing polls that we know the results of before they start doing the pole? It does seem obvious. I don't know. Maybe they've got some grant money. I guess they got to use it. I kind of wish there were like there was like this governing board of poles. And then you have to bring your idea to him and they look at you go. No, we've done that. We know that. Who would be on the board, saying I'd like to know. I'm happy to set that up. Now That's a dumb idea. Dumb idea. Uh oh, my goodness. Have you heard about the Florida Republican? No. He has gone scorched earth on mobs and everything that seems to Santa's right. Yeah, he is drafted these new anti mob laws, this new legislation that would drastically expand the state standard ground law. So does that mean like I could defend my house? Yes, yes. So currently it allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves if they think they're in danger of being killed or seriously harmed. This proposal would expand, stand your ground to property crime and allow the use of force against violent or disorderly assemblies or criminal mischief within 500 ft of a business that is experiencing Interruption or impairment. That's you know, this kind of used to be how they would characterize the Wild Wild West. And now it's in the deep South East about that. Isn't that something so I'm looking my thermos is almost that you used was filled with coffee's almost empty now. It was time to go home, and I'm on a coffee. We're gonna be talking about coffee, The coffee wars coming up and the pandemic, of course, which has changed. Everything has also changed. What food scientists say is the most difficult habit to break in consumers. That's in three minutes. Give me my traveling reports traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes all the way home. It's a word to no traffic condition. Another fire reported stay connected KFBK afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil said. Criminals knew. Maybe 3.1 kfbk Hi, friend. The people's Choice. Awards air coming November 15. But will it have all our favorite celebrities? You bet we will. Okay, but well, it's still have all those twists and surprises..

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