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The only thing he loved as much as football's getting after the weight room which that right then dude side i mean that do could be a franchise changer for someone to picking at the top of the draft the for the philadelphia air for this washington dallas game like what are the keys like what is washington i think even though they playing home abuse the underdog like what's it gonna take for them to take care of business against dallas by the way we're expecting it to be very very wet they are in the dmv and i'll unlike some of these other games that are being played in the wetness and the grass field there at fedex field what are you what's gonna take why i think that's an advantage to the to the dallas cowboys team because of that off at the blind game becau because of this run game if the elements are the way that we seen some of these games here early for example be atlanta jets game i think that actually helps the dallas cowboys the what i'm looking for the redskins to do is kinda you know take away i run game which i know it's hard to do and if the daunting task but there's no other way to stop this cobb would seem if you can limit the run game you give yourself the best opportunity and to be honest i'm not exactly completely sold on how well the redskins path game is going to be tonight not just because of the elements but also the starting to shift line up a little bit of you seen we'd throw pride in our last week in is the question there and you know maybe it will help them going in a different direction but to say the least there is some uncertainty in that level heather sure is in the past in games josh dotson and terrell pryor said rotate for one spot they're both playing the x receiver spot in washington and i'll say this speaking of lineup shuffling hawk they've already ruled out to offense of lyman are one off its of lebanon there and your report their starting senator spencer long we know from day in grozny arnold they're going to be without trent williams who might be the best left tackle in football he's out of the game beyond that you've got two other offense alignment that are questionable this is a team that signed orlando franklin off.

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