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So in the hospitals like thirty minutes away so i was like dreading a car ride because my hips were in so much pain that i was like. I need to arrive there. I need to teleport indus- be there. It's of those contraction styles. It's it's painful. I mean people as what it is. It's a pain but. Va paint but like twenty times mall. Yeah did your water Break with both of them. No so we they did. They did so. That's why i'm like okay. My so went to the grocery store in my mom. My mom was and we came back over. None of his son like my water woken. Actually it is like the move is just keep coming in my case just down and i'm like i don't think it'd be a pretty good control of myself and i guess you know it was the what of breaking obviously size. I'll get great because you lied. You'll want a break go immediately to the hospital. So i thought okay i'm gonna go to the hospital and i'm going to have the baby within an hour. I didn't know it's like a boss. Says the shake you they would have been sending rita so broke but it was still not technically i just letting don't care why we the second with my with the bay with my second one my what are they did break in. It was the night before. I do find before i do that so i was hoping i was walking so much i was. I wear those waters. They i need 'cause i was worried. I'm going to get up in the middle of the night fully with the tamil contraction. And i won't be making to the hospital like he almost didn't make talking about it that it's been amazing experience Yeah how was it. Transitioning from one kid to too. So i was in such a mood. you know. The second baby was actually planned. All maslin look. I don't know how long it's going to get pregnant. And i'm thirty eight so just try. I mean whenever we know my second was tough to get regular after five months. So i i got pregnant but i was also so giving the phase of diapers and foam lines food than baby food and all that stuff so is already like very big into our. I was into the baby staff already. So yeah i mean. I was not a big deal and thankfully my baby Both of the pretty good sleepers. I think aidid was less but relatively days. He's the pretty well. she's been sleeping till the nonsense. She was five weeks a while though. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night on. So i actually. I feel like the exhausted. I'm exhausted because babies just in genetic of work and you know the show staff now. The show stuff is the momentum is dying. It's been like three months as sexually today. I think three months exactly are something every memory but it's been a busy live But the so. That's what. I'm not sure how it would be the transition between two babies in third and that's one awarded about one have a big family the same time. I don't know i'm going back and forth. You still have time. Yeah yeah. I just had my first but but we would like a big family too. So we'll see. I mean it's it's definitely. It's hard knowing but one thing that i've heard from a lot of people is. You'll never regret having another baby but you might regret not so that's like a lot of people would be looking things that's a great way to look at things. I thought my husband you know. Let's say let's me that's what happened in my my son would be Bandage she will already be no woking on that so see how we finished with feeling really want to go back through divan. Sleepless nights for couple of weeks so in Hopefully weeks months. We will see 'cause my parents don't live here and he's only eat. It would not so we need the health So whilst yeah also i mean. I didn't wake my baby up. Either i think the first week she was. Because i was like so paranoid. And it was my first kid. And i'm like But then after that like so but she she doesn't sleep through the night but she'll go sometimes eight to ten hour stretches which is awesome but then you know right now i feel like she's in a regression the other night she was up like every hour and i'm like oh my god did i eat something also palm. Yeah i was trying to pop. Nothing came out. So i kinda gave up pretty quickly in a phone a so. Maybe that's the reason it could be. But i mean don't that's awesome that your kids are able to sleep so that you are able to get some as well. How was it with your second kid. 'cause she was born right when everything happened like with the pandemic and what month was she born in. May and i said willie demidov different crying. And now it's actually warns did may right. I dunno case because you eleven maybe eleven weeks ago we to technically well mask and then my husband was the only one allow the hospice. Auditing the delivery room. But it was fine you know. I didn't feel like the nurses maybe when came to my woman. Lewis maybe dot was different. Today's fence in.

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