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SAMHSA, dot gov. Traffic and weather on the 8s and winded breaks on WTO. And for the moment, not a bad ride in the district you're in good shape on both I two 95 and D.C. two 95, no worries on suitland park we are south capital street headed toward downtown freeway, besides three 95 and I 6 95 free and clear, still have the police investigations and northwest, 14th street remains closed each way north of view street between V and W streets, traffic is redirected there as a result. Don't forget these street, which is one way westbound also closed between 14th and 15th streets was an additional investigation closing Underwood street, which is one way westbound between piney branch road and 8th street, so again, watch for direction there as well. Now leaving the district into prince George's county, you've got the two work sounds. Outbound on 50 as you cross the anacostia toward the split for the boulevard Washington Parkway to left lanes get you by as of late, with lighter volume delays have been brief, nor had been on kennelworth avenue to leave D.C. two 95 crossover U.S. 50 up toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway, stay left past the work there as well. If you're traveling on the Maryland beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties, no major issues in your way. If you're traveling in Virginia, 95 nor found the exit to go west on 6 44 its old keen mill road exit one 69 B, that remains closed as a result of a police investigation following a pursuit that began down in Prince William county ended on that ramp. Also, 66 westbound out in fog here, county, just before you get to exit 28, the exit for U.S. 17 business, that crash had been blocked in the left lane. It's now all confined to the shoulder, and all lanes are open, rich hunter WTO traffic. We've got some rain on storm team four radar right now tracking through the area. We'll see high temperatures later this afternoon as The Rain moves out after the morning rush into the

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