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To work with they're good they're a good team. The Los Angeles Clippers followed their fourth quarter. beat down to the Lakers the other night with Game beatdown of the Golden State Warriors the clippers went for one hundred forty four points and that is a ton after the game Steve Kerr said quote this is a one off this is the reality there's going to be nights like that this year you've got to play through it you've gotta keep fighting and keep getting better that's the plan on quote Yvonne is this the Warriors Reality Tom it appears to be and here's why of course everybody knows Steph dream on and even Ngelo Russell who hasn't been the warrior but he's an All Star S. three all stars in one lineup Kvant loonies been around a couple of years now you know him big guys we can be a presence they're going to have to have media presence but let me go to the rest of the guys now we talk about the new reality Jordan pool you may have heard of him from college basketball familiar with him as he warrior tone no bowman how about him no Eric Pascoal Pascale and Amari Spelman Again College Basketball you warriors Mortiz Chris drafted by the the the the suns in this sort of sort of cast about you know the name Glen Robinson but not Glen Robinson the third the NASA warrior they do they don't have the horses to do the things that we're accustomed to seeing them do and they got beat last night it's tough to judge. Tony Hose me now but the after two gains the Los Angeles Clippers looked like worldbeaters yeah I overestimated how many points it was only one hundred forty one which is oh I'll take it from the war your standpoint you can't lose Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and not take twenty game hit we have this initial shock because it's one game in October one game after this initial shock they'll get better and Steve Kerr will coach people up there too good to just take a complete knows dot I don't see you may be right about the clippers but then they've already played the best team so what do you expect right You know game the shock is in a new building seeing the warriors Taylor I will tell you this and believe about the warriors and Steve Kerr and how they're going to get better I believe that but it's a players league man and right now a lot of players in this League WanNa take it so ridiculously underrated all these years underrated in terms of his defense and his bottling just everything he can do so it's GonNa be it's GonNa be a process Tom a deep diving box from last night's NBA action before she is to glaze over when it comes to Atlanta's trae young not only he scored Thirty Eight on eleven twenty when shooting but he had nine assists and seven boards Tony so much for being a scrawny little kid like you had not.

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