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And we've talked earlier about just involved into one, fabulous. Coca ni salmon year, all of our lakes and what gets lost in the shuffle is lake Oroville with his king salmon, which seems to get better every week. We'll a guide is fish both of those this week. And I believe is on Orville now, Mr. rob rhymer of rustic Rob's guide service. Good morning. That was a pretty impressive. Limit of coconut. You sent me yesterday that picture from bullard's bar. Oh man. Yeah. We were getting so many fish up there and a Bill we were losing a lot, you know, a lot more than normal. We got our thirty fish, but I bet we lost two thirds of them, but, you know, we had in my clients had a great day. You, you, you kept you. Of course, you had three classes. You got ten fish apiece that leg. And so you kept thirty fish, but you lost, like maybe sixty. Yeah. His cO. Plus, you know, in my clients are looking at me, and it's like, you know, I'm not sure what you. You know. Finally on day they started hitting harder. And I think that was a problem. They were coming up. It gets fairly pecking out it, and they weren't getting hooked very well, most of the time, just the one hook in the very back to get you out when I have to get you that hook sharp. I can see that. Well, give me good. When I laugh when you got. How deep or they rob they were over the course of the day, we fish thirty to fifty feet. And there were fish all over we caught him. You know, several different places by the damn back by dark day on both sides, you know, around the corner, like going up Uba and all sorts of stuff. So just just chock full of fish. Yeah. Yeah. Fish in there. I mean I mean, I think people are going to get spoiled thinking, we're going to have this every year and you know that's not going to happen. Yeah. And they were really nice fish to you know, we were getting smaller fish, you know, back in the back, but damn whether bested or really good fishing. Well, I you know, it's. Might as well. Take advantage of him in coca you're such good eating fish and bullard's bar doesn't have the average size at some of these other lakes, do, but what I saw what thirteen fourteen inch fishing at bunch. Yeah. There were quite a few of them. I mean it's doing a lot better than it was a couple years ago. So I have to say this ten fish limit is. You know, the, the average size of the fish or getting quite a bit bigger. You know, we got two different classes fish in there right now. You got like a ten eleven fish which is a side. We were getting a couple of years ago. Yeah. And then you've got another class. It's thirteen to fourteen inches. I haven't gotten anything over for the that got quite a few of them, thirteen to fourteen or now, you're on Orville this morning, right? Yep. How you doing so far we've got to the ball? We just got started just about down to the end of make one pass here. But man, I'll tell you there's on China. Lumber on the win must've been blowing into here yesterday. So we're got to take our time and we've through it, but you've been getting limits there. Right. Yeah. Earlier in the week, I had a jury summoned. So I couldn't plan much. Then if I didn't have to go to that. So I invited a couple of friends, and we went up wisday retry, and we got fifteen fish real nice quality, our biggest fish. Linda, God twenty two inch it was her first kings, you ever caught twenty two inches, not fair. I know. I know how deeper there. There are like thirty to forty five feet. Okay. And you're using the you're using a little Brad's coconut size for both the coca neon king salmon. Right. Right. I take a lot of the colors. You know, you're one up here called fail attraction and new one that's been working really well. And then I use Christine special and that lady just different colored. Yeah. Okay. Well, I mean. Might as well take advantage of it while it's there. I mean, both of them seem to be getting better and better, both those legs. Yeah. I mean, if you're thinking, about bugging, a trip, now's the time and I'm gonna be from now until damn sold me way from the lake. Okay. Very good. Rob. Thanks for the update. All right. Good luck today. Bye bye. Rob Reiner's, rustic Rob's guide service, his number five, three zero six three two zero zero five one. You go out with rob. You'll be able to do exactly the same thing in your own boat guarantee you. Okay. I talked to Todd scenario a creek side lodge and Markley villa about what's going on those going on those streams up there Todd. We still have a lot of runoff coming out a coming out of the mountains in the market Ville area with the exception of the west fork of the Carson up in the valley itself. And I guess, marketing Ville creek is starting to settle down a little bit too Bill creek color change from Brown to green two days ago, and it's starting to look really good. The west Carson up through hope valley and Sorensen's all the way to the whole valley store looks Good Hope valley store to Woodford is still white. Water in the canyon. Exactly. And how about Silver Creek? That's all that's kind of a canyon to. But I can tell that strain of slowdown too, because it was real dirty yesterday. When I looked at it this morning. It was not even close to his dirty as it was yesterday. So I think that's no is starting to slow down. Okay. So, but it's still quite not fish, -able Silver Creek, Silver Creek, and east Carson, not physical. Okay. Okay. So have you planted anything yet? I mean nine hundred pounds in yesterday I put four hundred and fifty pounds, apply through the metal on the west and I put four hundred and fifty pounds from work Bill to grow. Hot springs, Markley go cream. Okay. Well, there's something I mean, that's fun. I mean, I'm sure the meadows got a ton of water moving through it, but it's kind of fun to fish like that. It's you got to figure it out a little bit. But with a bunch of big fish in there. I think people will figure it out. They exactly. Yeah. The metal actually looks real real good. Yeah. You just never know. So it's hard to tell I've noticed in checking the flows that it things it seems like things have peaked a little bit on an, you know, the high waters going down just a little bit each day. So anyway, telling. The west Carson at full about the last ten days it's been run out of five fifty to six hundred. Yeah. Ubiquitous, second this morning was at four sixty okay. That's definitely dropping. Yeah. East carson. You're absolutely right. It has peaked and it's trying to come down. Okay. So do you have any now this, let me be careful here? This is based on the conditions but you have any future plants schedule at one scheduled eighteen hundred pounds next week have another one scheduled eighteen hundred pounds a week after. Okay. And that's the rivers are in the same condition. You're going to have to postpone it. But by the looks of things I would say we got a fifty fifty chance for next week on the east Carson. Believe so yes, so you would recommend people call first call definitely on east Carson and silver and definitely next week, Mark vote creek and the west Carson will get more fish. If I cannot put him in silver, and east has Todd sideroad at creek side lodge, there, we're going to try to get a message board up on on whether they plant, but you can call him get a hold of him in the mornings at five, three zero six nine four twenty five eleven. So the west fork has been planted up in the up in hope valley itself, and Mark Mayfield creek has been planted. So you got a couple of areas to fish in the in the market Ville, area and a couple of streams to fish and more to come when it comes, you know, they have a budget for X number of big fish, and those fish gonna go in, even though they're a month late that it's going to be something to behold with. Thicket go of there after the break Mr. Scott lace right now, though at camp right after their store. You gotta be aware something camp. Right. Is a company that sells all over the world and its it, and they do it, mostly through the mail. You know, Amazon all the big..

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