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Said the north would pay a price if it goes ahead with the test as feared It's now 5 48 Let's get you back to Jack and the traffic center All right so far so good as you ride the beltway through Maryland and Virginia the trouble spot truly is in Virginia with the late clearing work on 66 headed west out near the beltway You've got just the left lane getting by This has caused a delay inside the beltway as you leave the dulles connector right on route 7 headed west also the outer loop ramp to go west on 66 had been blocked due to this work zone There is a posted detour that basically continues you on the outer loop to make a U turn if you will down near the south of 66 head back on the interloop of the beltway to take that ramp Again single lane getting by on that ramp But it is very heavy and very slow This was scheduled to be out of there at 5 so obviously late clearing work 66 now headed in the eastbound direction near the beltway word of a wreck along the left side of the roadway Cruiser directing dark traffic signals route 7 it drainsville road out of Sterling the overnight crash cleared by the signal box was damaged 95s getting a little busier Dale City coming into woodbridge headed north bound out of Fredericksburg into Springfield no really troubles yet on three 95 up to the 14th street bridge We are definitely a little slower than normal wet roadways The big rains and lightning came through out of Frederick running two 70 south as you head down toward clarksburg had a German town you're fine toward the lane divide There had been word of Iraq in the delay two 70 south near 85 I believe that's already over on the shoulder left A little bit of a delay in green belt going south on the bottom or Washington Parkway going through the beltway interchange watching the district northbound rock creek Parkway near peace street northwest had an earlier crash and in northwest the police activity closing Columbia road both ways between 16th and 17th streets Travis brought to you by navy federal credit union Proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families the members are the mission Learn more at navy federal dot org Jack Taylor TOP traffic Mike Jennifer this could turn into a very difficult rush hour for us Yes it could We've got a band of strong thunderstorms rocketing through northern Maryland right now stretching from near hampstead southward through eldersburg.

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