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Hundred dollars basketball agents, get a healthy ten percent of European contracts. I know I'm an idiot. I said as I answered who said that you assumed you might be. But luckily, you have the best agent in the world. Are you sitting down Paul hold on? I said I pulled open the sliding glass door and flopped into one of the green chairs on the deck that hangs over the driveway. Where I I learned how to shoot a basketball. I've learned over the years that when people tell you to sit down for a phone call. You should listen I rocked back in told my agent. I was ready staring up at all the stars. That are available for viewing at my parents house. Tomorrow. The Phoenix Suns are trading away three players for Jim Jackson been they're going to sign you what the sons they're trading three players and they want to sign me. News will hit tomorrow you'll fly out the day after. If my agent had been on the deck with me, he would have seen me shaking my head. I mean, if it hadn't been so dark, partly at the absurdity of my life, but mostly because while he didn't know it. I wasn't sure I wanted to agree to the deal to go to Phoenix on a ten day contract and try to prove myself again worrying about every jump shot, and what it meant for my future. Just didn't really saw. Oh in Paul. Here's the best part. I got them to sign you to the end of the year with a team option for next year. How's that you heard me you're in the NBA again? And this time you're gonna stay for a while. When my agent was finished convincing me that he wasn't joking. He went over the particulars. And then swore me to radio silence with anyone. But my parents when I went back inside those parents looked up from the biggest loser with similarly quizzical expressions on their faces. I looked down at my phone, then I looked up at them. Apparently, the Phoenix Suns are going to sign me for the rest of the year. My parents reaction was emblematic of their response to most of the news. I ever gave them about my basketball career, my dad's stuck out his bottom lip and nodded. My mom said. Like, I just told her I'd gotten an a on a math test. Yeah. I said, I think so. The trade happened. The next day I flew to Phoenix, by way of Memphis the day after that signing a contract with the sons for the rest of the season a season that ended in the Western Conference finals when the sun's lost to the San Antonio Spurs after shooting guard, Joe Johnson broke his face in a freak accident involving the arena floor. I rarely played on the team's historic run. Which would have been disconcerting to the old version of me. But the new me didn't much care. I learned some lessons on a plane in a hospital bed and on the steps of Russia. I was happy with what I've found. An NBA all star team just a place where everyday people were happy to see me. One of those people was an assistant coach who called me into his office one day after practice. He pulled out a digital camera and showed me a picture he'd taken it was of the note I've written on the locker rooms dry erase board. When I've been cut back in the fall when I saw that he said, I had a feeling you'd be back..

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