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Seventy eight on key Biscayne at six thirty one the administration will ask Congress for another two hundred fifty billion dollars for the program that pays the wages of small businesses that keep their employees during pandemic related shutdowns that's on top of the three hundred fifty billion already allocated as of today S. BA has processed over seventy billion dollars in guaranteed loans which is far greater than we would have ever thought at this time the mayor of an Illinois suburb of St Louis ordered police to crack down on stay at home scofflaws one turned out to be the mayor's wife Alton Illinois mayor Brant Walker says police called in this weekend to inform him they arrested several people at a local night spot who were in violation of the stay at home order they also told him one of the people they cited was his wife Walker says he told him to treat his wife as anyone else that you should receive no special treatment in a statement later mayor Walker said his wife is an adult capable of making her own decisions and in this case she made a stunning lack of judgment A. B. C.'s can't Martin Richard Cantu ABC news and a corona virus continues to take its toll here in Florida forty two more deaths related from covered nineteen more than half of those deaths in South Florida including thirteen in Palm Beach in all Florida has lost two hundred ninety six lives to the virus and the corona virus is taking its toll at the Broward county sheriff's office sure Gregory Tony yesterday told us thirty six employees have tested positive for covert nineteen that doesn't include deputy Shannon Bennett who died last week for the virus in addition to those infected Tony says three hundred employees are self isolating law enforcement agencies around the state they are taking extra precautions to make sure officers stay safe against the exposure to covered nineteen in Saint Petersburg at the Hillsborough sheriff's office before the start of each shift officers and dispatchers I'm there temperatures checked as a safeguard from spreading covered nineteen St Pete police chief Anthony Holloway says I.

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