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Brick by the way on the page. I'm not gonna lie man. I sell Jack that Yasser. Can you educate? I figured so about to ask you what what are you know, about category nine? AM all about bourbon all day, and do you work with you work with are in DC, Ron Barcelona that group? Acker, but one of the others. Now, Andy, I will tell you this Saturday. Isn't it? Now, I will tell you. This is not slim. I was not slamming. Jack fires just again. I'm just out of cinnamon whisky fan. But I. President you said fireballs the same thing is jazz. Every game category for cinnamon, but do different games. And that's what I said. I said it was a competitor to fireball in my point was I'm just not interested in cinnamon whisky. But obviously if they're gonna do I'm gonna do the Jack fire absolutely more pure. I just received. Yes. Last week a bottle of Jack select that I'm not even gonna open. I'm just going to look at it. And just was that from. Enjoy. All right. David take it with you. Yeah. I just like looking at the bottle. Right. Water..

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