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Wow, wow, favorite. All right, so similar spread for duke Miami. I leaned the canes, but nothing special. I just don't think this duke team is that great. Obviously they have two elite players who are going to be top picks in the draft and they came out of the gates shooting lights out, but then rest. And Syracuse hit huge shots yesterday, but getting nearly ten with Miami, I think I have to take it. Yeah, listen, Miami's covered their last two games against you. I'm not surprised here. Charlie Moore, you know, he's great. Miami has great wing players as well. There's 7 and two against the spread as a dog, their last 9 games. And I would imagine, I mean, I don't know about you. I was watching the duke UNC game, you know, coach K's last game, like how do you recover from that? That's such a huge disappointment dog. You let down. Even coach K said, this was unacceptable. And then of course, after if you did watch the post game festivities, you know, he did say like, you know, I'm disappointed, but I still love you guys. But still, I think for like an 18 or 19 year old, I think that's a really huge hurdle to get over. So I do like Miami with the points here. I'm with you. I'm on your side. Yeah, no, it's probably my least conviction, but I wanted to touch on that. Because it's a big game. Now, before that, one of the ones I like, I have two plays I really like in college. One of them is Arkansas minus three three and a half against LSU. I don't think much of this Tiger squad. I really believe in muscle bin. The razorbacks have been so strong down the stretch. I like them at plus 7 58 to one to win the tournament just because the bracket Tennessee and Kentucky's on the other side so they would have to play them in the championship game. I just love what the must bus is done down the stretch here and you know I'll lay the points against Tennessee, which I don't or excuse me against LSU, which I don't love. Do you have any opinion in that game where we'll keep it going? No, I don't have anything that game. I do like Mississippi state tonight over Tennessee. Okay. And what's the line there? I don't have it in front of me. Plus 7. Okay. As we beat South Carolina, 73 to 51, they held them Doug, they held him to 28% shooting. So great defense, there are strong rebounding team there in 22nd in college basketball, you know, Brooke Smith, Jeffries. I think they're going to be strong there. And Tennessee, they're bigs just don't do it for me. So I really do like Mississippi getting the points. Mississippi state getting the points. All right, and one game I'm definitely going to be on tomorrow is the under the mountain west championship game historically, these teams just like battle it out over days and that last championship game, it just comes into a snail fest. I'm actually going to probably do it tonight in the San Diego state Colorado state game. Buck 25 is the total. I'm going to play that under two, but I'm really excited about the one on Saturday just because the way this tournament usually unfolds. It's just usually a total total brick fest, if you will, the legs are shot by time Saturday afternoon rolls around historically when the championship game is. Okay, that'll do it. We got golf late delay, obviously. So maybe we'll have some plays on the show for like, you know, just the way the rounds end and the timing of everything, but just really quick Doug, and just a touch on the golf that people need to realize. Like weather conditions down in Florida are just absolutely horrific. As we know, we had to stoppage a pause yesterday. So what's happening now is the golfers that are playing right now are finishing up their first round and then they immediately have to play their second round, which means the golfers who had the favorable weather conditions at the start that started in the morning on Thursday are realistically dug aren't and again, this is all I don't pretend to be a meteorologist, right? Like we're just I'm just I'm anticipating whether conditions. So what's interesting is, you know, the golfers who had favorable weather conditions to start the morning on Thursday, more than likely are not going to play their second round until Saturday. Because they're expecting more stoppage today because of the weather. And Saturday is when the winds are supposed to pick up. So just so just keep that in mind. So take a look at what the odds are out there and if there's a golfer out there that's doing well and there's some really favorable odds who it's a golfer who's finishing up their first round right now and will play their second round today, those golfers have advantage right now because of the expected weather conditions. Interesting. Okay, so I'm going to keep in mind the live betting things along those lines. All right, that's going to do it for this edition of the daily wager podcast daily wager linear TV like it always is 6 eastern ESPN2 will catch you later this evening..

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