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I designed the program then being prepared I had all that with me I went to the chiefs and I said hey listen. Here's an idea. What are your thoughts okay so before actually implemented the idea and actually did it? I showed them what it was all about. I convinced them that it would work all right. And it did. And we've evolved over the years and we're still using the program but we've enhanced it a little bit all right but it's things like that. I know I mentioned the driver training. That's one of my biggest. That's my baby. You know what I mean in is one of my biggest things so I mentioned a lot and it's to me it's a great example of what it takes and what you can do all right but so I caution when you when you have something that you wanted to make sure it's in line with the common goal of your organization right. Make sure your officers support it. Your chiefs support important and make sure you have some people to help you out a little bit right. Learn how to delegate learn how to empower the members that are newer than you or even members that have been on for a little bit longer that need a little bit of a push and in need a little bit of assertiveness and initiative right. Create a team if you create that team environment in a smaller setting. It's going to nurture the rest of the team setting for the entire fire department. Okay make make sure that having initiative and assertiveness for the better good of the organization and there is not any reckless assertiveness. Okay it's it's kind of a word. I Made Up. Little phrase made up reckless assertiveness. And what is that. It's basically when a member is going against the grain to get what they feel is right so you feel that you have something that you WanNa start or something that you want to change in your organization okay And you feel it's right but you're going against the grain. You're not doing it the correct the way you gotTa Talk to other people you gotta get the leadership on board. Okay come prepared show them what your idea is and show them how you will do it and how it will benefit the fire department. Not just how it will benefit you but how it will benefit the whole organization okay. Reckless assertiveness is going above and or around the chain of command. Also to get what you think is needed. So if if you feel like you're you're chiefs or your your officers and leadership aren't going to approve your idea or don't think your idea's a good idea basically Reckless assertiveness is going around them After they've said no or when you assume they're going to say no and go somewhere else maybe to town hall or maybe to a segment or a budget committee member or something like that and say hey. Listen this says what's going on. I think we should do it this way. That's reckless okay. And that's not going to benefit anybody at all. It's really not OK. Reckless assertiveness is focusing all of your energy and efforts on demanding or something or demanding or smooching right or you no kissing to get your way into a leadership position or to get a badge. That's reckless as well. Okay if you WANNA get a leadership position and you WANNA work your way up to being an officer you gonNa work for you gotta show what you can do and you're GonNa do it. You got to present your ideas you gotta give proposal you. You gotTa make it work and prove that it'll work and you gotta get everybody on board Okay and you have to go along with the grain and you have to go along with the common goal of Your Fire Department. It's that simple. It's so simple. Don't waste your energy going around. Don't waste your energy trying to make it look like you know everything thing there is to know and no other way is right and it should be your way or nobody's way don't waste the energy instead. Take that energy and turn it into assertiveness the initiative and make something and prove that it's going to work very simple right very simple and I say this because this happens this happens everywhere. There's always is that one or two people one person or two people or three people or group whatever that that want to go against the grain and they want things their away and if it's not the way it's not right okay. We're a team that's worked together right. The fire service is a selfless selfless job. What does that mean it means? We put others first not ourselves right. Means we put the organization as a whole I not our own agendas Indus okay. So again these type of people exist in a caution you all to be aware of it. I urge everyone listening to take a long hard look at themselves As well to make sure you aren't going in that direction so again the fire services a selfless job. Let's remember that so US initiative for the good. Don't waste your time with petty drama or putting others down right. Use Your time wisely because time is valuable said every week right do good for everyone in the organization and yes yes we should be doing some personal developments. Don't don't get me wrong okay. Don't confuse that what I'm saying to you is you know you need to do good for your organization but also to focus on yourself if you want to focus Kasan yourself. Here's how you do that. You start reading some books you start getting into some personal development. Listen to podcasts. Learn some things go to some outside training right right just like this kid did from Vermont. He took the initiative drove by himself for hours to Framingham Massachusetts Massachusetts to sit down in a room full of people. He has no idea who they are to get a little bit of a nugget that he could could bring back to his fire department in Vermont. All right that's what I'm saying. That's personal development right there and that's initiative that's assertiveness okay. Awesome is that we should all be striving to be like that. What that's GonNa do it's GonNa make you a better person it's GonNa make you a better? Firefighter hire fighter. And if you can learn to lead yourself I write not putting yourself i. It's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is to lead yourself? Learn to lead who you are in your life your personal life your professional life your education your experience in your emotions you learn to lead that I lead yourself i. You won't then be able to lead in your organization you will then be able to lead in your fire department and we need more leaders. We were strong leaders. We need more assertive leaders. We need more initiative K.. Guys Listen Up. The only only way the only way we're going to be able to have success four memberships successful big rosters. Strong rosters experienced agreeance people the only way we can do that is of each and every one of us is assertive and has initiative and steps up her right step up up to the plate. BE A self starter. It's very important right. That's what I've got for you too. I hope I really hope that that I provided you some value today because it has been one hell of a week it has been a long and it's been a long day. I've been up since Five thirty this morning. It's now eleven thirty tonight and now I do edit this and get it up for Sunday morning so it has been a long long long weekend. I wanted to provide you guys with something. I wanted to give my team a break because I'm super proud of them all right. We learned a lot. We got a lot a lot of value from that event we went to. I want to thank Jeremy and Robin Tucker for putting on such an event and Rusty Ricker the New England fools. I WanNa thank all you guys because as you put in the work you put in the initiative and look the people that showed up. Look at the money you guys raised right. Look at the team. Effort effort that went into that offer anyone's specific no not for anyone's individual fame. Right it wasn't for that it was to honor. A family was ought to honor a lieutenant who lost his life after saving lives. All right and that's all here to roll here to support each other. We're all here to lift each other up and roll here to better our organizations okay so that being said thank you guys for listening K.. Time is valuable. Please give us a share. Please share the self if this if any one of our episodes provide some sort of value to you if you can take something home some sort of little nugget right to make you better and to make your organization better. Please share the episode. It's all we ask just share it. Get it out there so other people can see it right. It's information it's free information. It's free content. It's experience from us on this podcast. Okay and all the guests that we have on. It's their experience as well sharing it with you guys. All right so time is valuable. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking your time to listen to us and we will talk to you next week. Actually we'll talk to you Wednesday because we have our Wednesday box alarm right and then we'll have a full length episode next week we're planning on on Getting everybody together looks like we might be able to line something up to get all three of us on the show and maybe a guest For this coming the next week..

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