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Join with our returning a guest and award winning contractor Tom Riley of renovations y'all were pretty much a charter member for northern Arizona and Eugenia wars you'll have been receive nationally quite extensive well we've got yeah we've done a number of national awards we we were named the a big fifty which basically is for one year you can only get a one time and we're belong the top fifty contractors in North America basically and that was you know being named on that is a very very prestigious award in our industry and then consistently we are part of a remodeling magazines five fifty and qualify remodelers magazine's top five hundred contractors in the United States and in Canada and your work all over the whole Yavapai county or their areas we live in the quad city areas in the all the surrounding county land that's around that we've number one or number of design ward you know I'm an architect as well as a as as well as a contractor so got a win a design award and if you want to see so much award winning design you really ought to go on to Tom's website that which we actually have a new one under construction it's W. W. W. dot renovations AZ dot com go boy there's some beautiful work on there and we talked about water sources in the last segment what about power if you're moving it to the mountains who's your power providers a P. S. A. P. S. exclusively in that area is going to be a your power provider and that's a good point to bring up around me because they used to be a time when a PS would take their power thousand feet or so you know from wherever their sources to your cabin no more no no you got to pay for it now so you need to find out where the power the nearest power line is and you usually have to pay a PS to bring that power to your house anymore interesting I've the last time I built my home and what it meant they were still paying for it then yes relatively new latitude arcade you need to check on that you know if the power line is two hundred feet away then in a it's gonna be overhead then I think they do that but if it's a something beyond a certain distance you need to check with the local UPS office and make sure that you have power in the proximity if you're buying some raw land now a lot of homes in the mountain areas are dual energy yes typically what you'll find is a most of the homes outside of the metropolitan areas are pain unisource is the natural gas but there isn't that much natural gas way back in the pines some areas yes some areas now because natural gas would be piped the propane is the tank that's placed on site the yes correct somebody come fill that somebody need Barrett propane who who will be joining us next break so is that you don't get yes it's gas.

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