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Fewer games, king? Yes, eight games. Good question. Eight-year games leaves those Tim. You apologize before. People keep give me a ring, king kissy. West sitting, you. Television catcher instead of ten texting can't Can't relax. relax pan. Not peg attention of Washington. I'm going back to my seat now. Yeah. Before you do that to shepherds. Join the town Trump. No, he does not have to join the town drunk in the dungeon just to shut. Yes, you might catch that. I have a proclamation. Yes, no baseball game shock continue past ten pm in whatever time zone that game is playing to. Yes. For instance. The he two-ruble three says. The king has spoken before. Libertad what I'm telling you. This is what I'm telling you. You send four or five or six eighty eight year olds. My way and each one of those fights is going to look like don's Emmer and Pedro Martinez. Each one of them send them after one after another, be like a kung FU movie to God's, send them one after another. And I'm telling you, I'm just in a dozen eighty eight year old one after the other. They're like zombies. They could come all at once one after another with my hands. What have had him fries. One of them, all of them eight years old. Unless Jeff Conan's fathers there live at our show with this two guards on ESPN radio. So Adrian Peterson's through God's if you were trying to do this and it's not the easiest thing to do because numbers foot pole don't mean very much. In fact, what is the most important number in football? Like if I ask you to associate one of the things that happened in baseball is the number stopped mattering. Steroids rectal of that the numbers became different. But they still matter they're more than they matter anywhere else in football. What number are you looking at? Rings. Thank you. So Emmett Smith is the all time leading rusher in the NFL with eighteen thousand three hundred fifty five yards. And Adrian Peterson. And Rosie, Perez is gonna join us here in fifteen minutes. She's our boxing expert. We got a big fight coming up Steven a. and max Kellerman a brawl in about it. Rosie Perez is our boxing expert. We're going to get the lowdown on all things, boxing boxing's got some cool fights coming up in the in the next few months seems like the same fight every couple of months now they well, that's fine that you can make that joke 'cause you're ignorant. But what the heavyweight division is bringing your way is really good. Agent tune bucks long spurred, but I can understand I can understand why you feel that way because triple g can Nello triple canal. Triple chicken Nello to was supposed to happen like three times between the last time they fought and now I know, but Stu gods always hits. His analysis of sports is always the passing things that I'm thinking about that I know three things about, like what I've heard about this triple g Cannella fight. That's all I know. Okay, idiots boxing's dead. Like that's the Scots move. I don't know about you. I we were growing up. It was, you know, Tyson Holyfield there was a great boxing match, like every couple of months. Now it's the same Bugsy Madge every. If I could find funny that you should say that because Tyson Holyfield wasn't highly anticipated. Nobody cared because Holyfield had no chance in only feel beat them once. Yes, that was that you're remembering that you're remembering that from what you already know is opposed to what was happening during it, which is you were complaining about only field being the opponent for Tyson. She didn't know anything back then either there was Tyson. That's true. Yeah. Fair enough. But the both the big boys in the heavyweight division, both of those guys are undefeated menaces wilder and Joshua. You guys didn't think I knew the name. I knew it is making fun of me because you make. I know I saw going to the computer, so I just sit the name out because I saw all of you. What are their names you were about to quiz me? What are their names names for Adrian Peterson. So Adrian Peterson, is you wanna guess how many yards behind just tell the Joshua's last? Oh, bleep yourself..

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