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But it was it was it wasn't anything super remarkable. But it was funny watching people make recommendations, and I wanted to ask you, what would you recommend that Ray? Bill gates. Maybe we can we can ask our audience. Yeah. That's true. Send it to us. Send us what documentary? Bill Gates and Warren Buffett should watch. They are they both tennis players because I was going to what is the ice and fire the Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe should say that. Because when Larry Cohen, the he like they were recommending that to me when when I met with them to see the app for the first time, I haven't seen. Fire. Is that the Rafael in the doll one? No, it's the Bjorn boring and John McEnroe seventies rivalry, which was so classic Monica. Probably has new idea who these people are I'm just just along along for the for red. the ride Bjorn Borg is John McEnroe. John mcenroe. I've seen that movie. There's another more. I've seen the thirty for thirty on that one. I know that I'm here. I'm part of this conversation or. Would you recommend the basic is you're you're a real movie buff thinking about it? I'm going to have to follow up because I don't want to jump to an answer. That's not perfect. If any of our listeners out there have recommendations of movies for Bill Gates and Warren Buffett documentaries. Documentaries documentaries. No was it anything movie movie or movie or documentary movie or documentary, send it to tips tips that key choir. Tecom subject behind Bill in Warren movie from submissions. We receive. I've got nothing. We'll give them a number ski t-shirt. We'd like him lane the dust The dust one. one. It sounds good. All right. Hey that is the key player podcast for this week. Until next time. I'm Todd Bishop. I'm John Cook. I'm Monica Nicklesberg? Nicklesberg. Thanks for listening everybody and don't do that. I did it. Stop fighting..

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