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He's on the he's on he's in the club like along with wayne gretzky with ice that's a guy you got to consider i would say people get mad like barry bonds when we're talking about like teams guys that could do all things thing you're the kind of guy that doesn't like to compare apples oranges ever and this is one of the perfect examples where you gotta keep these guys in their own lane wayne gretzky's the greatest hockey player i ever saw play foreign away but you put them on a vast majority put it on a few of the anywhere gretzky was compared to the second greatest player of course you have mentioned that i mean he was amazed of course the end the talent level at this point where athletes are getting bigger and stronger and smarter and faster to even be considered one of the greatest one of the greatest athletes at your position or witting or sport is unbelievable enough i think it's very hard to compare and crossover and say well who is the best athlete lebron has unbelievable gifts the likes of which the of mobility and fled we have never seen with who knows if he could do the same thing with his accuracy the tom brady could or get a park in a little air that's so i think these guys are definitely at the top of the game i think it's very hard to say he's the greatest astle tom ability to perform added advanced age will always have whom in a very very special class his ability to build a give his team in champions that position will always have him in a very very special choir i believe i just yesterday are two days ago tom's with to win seven super bowls so when he's done you're gonna have to talk about in athletic non athletic he will be part of all conversations when you talk about the greatest who have done it in also and the ability to stay healthy like that's a huge like i give guys credit for that the longevity is me norm is part of this i i know there's almost nothing more cliche in sports talk in mount rushmore is so allow me to do one quickly if i could i the i try to think about this when we talk about the grace athletes of all time like what is what.

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