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Years ago there was was much more the closed chamber thing and and and your editorial board has been very open about showing. You know what the process is all about and these zoom meetings are another. Another step in doing that. So on behalf of transparency everywhere advocates everywhere thank you for doing that Joe. I think it's very important than we when we have those headed toward board meetings that one that they're on the record in to that, any reporter who has an interest in expertise in that area is allowed in the room allowed to ask questions because frankly whether it's hugh covering politics for specialties on education or health or the environment. They're going to know more about the issue you're going to know more about the what what a candidate his said on the stop that then I will and I think that's really a good to hold them accountable a an editorial board we want to pretend anybody. From real scrutiny and what you care to one more. I. Don't WanNa put you on the spot. Do Care to talk about the one Major California political figure who all all in often asked to go off the record in the editorial board. There's a few of them are you think certified sign I am thinking of Senator Feinstein who likes to go off the record she goes can I go off the record hair and you're like, no, you can't. I don't think there's been an editorial board where she hasn't asked to go off the record. But here's what I find to very, very rarely violent somebody off the rest because as I put it. To her and others aisher went trust is group in the room to. Keep a secret that we are not in the business to keep secrets, and also the very practical reason just in terms of protecting. Your my own integrity is, let's say somebody does go off the record. And then it shows up in the chronicle of our other reporters who maybe wasn't in the room catches win. The suspicions going to be that somehow I broke that confidence and. I think it's easier just keep it all on the record. All right just like it's all political as always on the record. Thank you. Thank you. We'll leave with that plug leave the plug. Thank you for coming back. It's good to see you by the way you must kill on I'm looking at doing this via video on zoom. You're you must kill on room writer you have an excellent setup. I'm I'm I'm in my my daughter's exit by my former, my daughter's former bedroom right now, and that we've converted to my office and you but you have a beautiful array of books and and Sports Bobble bobbleheads and some awards my God it looks very clean and neat and wow at that you must get ten out of ten on room later. Well, all all your listeners who go on our voter guides. Interviews will. Joe You industrious for this morning with that detonation t shirt. Really. Got Dressed up for this. Black t-shirt. Yes. That's that's the joys of working from home. Okay. Don't the s thank you for being on. It's all political once again, always enjoy face Joe. I'd like to thank you all for listening and hope that you and your families are safe. I'd like to thank John Diaz for joining me today and making me feel bad about how crappy my room background looks. I'd like to thank the. King Kaufman for producing this episode and a shot to the creators of our fabulous theme music. That song is cattle call and it's written by Randy Clark and performed by Randy. Clark and pro soft. And remember. No matter if you've written a book about Donald Trump or not. It's all political..

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