Mad Magazine, Stan, Oscar Wilde discussed on The Big Web Show - 157: David Sleight, Design Director at ProPublica


I don't know it was like somebody's talking about web design and development but they read a lot of mad magazine as a kid and they and they are member steve uh and the guy from marvel comics us there steve biko and smile you stand the way smilin' stan would write these little uh you know a sides uh i don't know pretty ahead and be pretty interim can actually see the influences yeah absolutely um and so i i'm more and more in something obvious point to make but i think it's one that gifts lost quite a bit which is brand has captured in all of those things that they don't fit together uh it doesn't work so you can survive amp or medium for example if you reposting everything in medium uh to some extent with visuals but even more so by the way the by the tone of voice absolutely right oscar wilde would not have had a problem ha yet indices had place this is the thing that everybody is struggles with i mean and the the challenge for us in in journalism uh you know by shop like ours which is nonpartisan and does a very tricky journalism is how to try to do it without like it's easy to do it with bias like you know dumb 'soandso does the following like well that's that's way too prejudicial a how do we find a way to be sharpened pointed um you know even though the headline i'm looking at right now leading the site is is a slightly sharper version of a headline that you could rate you know any other way which has us immigration agency will lose millions because a can't process visas fast up would you guys were like.

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