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Into the whistleblower who was a lower wise and that is mainly again a political concern Democrats do not want to talk about the nature of the whistle blower because they're afraid of is that a look at those entire thing was basically set up from the very beginning by democratic operatives within the trump administration and a lot of this was done by people who just don't like trump foreign policy and it really is not about rooting out corruption or rooting out presidential malfeasance I mean that there isn't indicators that this is the case right is that lieutenant colonel Alexander women who has been very antagonistic toward the trump administration obviously right he acknowledged today that he spoke to an intelligence committee official which is you know a bit of a bit of a bomb shell he testified that he was alarmed by from July twenty fifth phone call but he also testified that he had talked to some intelligence committee officials about the phone call so maybe that was the source of the initial whistle blower complaint meanwhile Adam Schiff continues to suggest that there is no reason to even discuss the whistle blower and then if you try to he's going to come after you he said during testimony today the whistleblower must remain anonymous according to statute that of course is not true your ship cancer what ruling is that okay all right I could interject councils correct whistleblower has the right statutory right to anonymity these proceedings will not be used out the whistle blower well we've attempted to subpoena the whistle blower to sit for a deposition the chairs table that motion and then has been unwilling to recognize those motions over the last few days of this impeachment inquisition process okay so ship design interno there was a war has remained anonymous no matter what must remain anonymous of course that's not true any McCarthy frequent guest on this program and also legal expert over at National Review he says that this this whole was a lower thing is a charade is conventional Democrats are restricting the impeachment inquiry over fox news today it has become wrote for house intelligence committee chairman representative Adam Schiff in his fellow Democrats to try the trump administration for blocking testimony from White House staffers and the president's private lawyer Rudy Giuliani but those witnesses do have confidentiality privileges that are well settled in federal law shielding communications between the president and his top advisers and between attorney and client from disclosure disclosure in a search of privilege recognized by one that's not called obstruction that's called the law in action McCarthy says by contrast ship is playing a lawless game with the so called whistleblower medicating the impeachment inquiry on this intelligence officials complained while blocking Republicans from questioning the official end other policy officials with him you don't this suppression of relevant information obstructs the congressional investigation the card is as I've argued from the outside the whistleblowers not actually whistleblower in the strict legal sense because the statute governing the protection of such sources sources is in opposite that is the statute covers disclosures relating to activities of the intelligence services not the president's conduct of foreign relations but even if you say was a blower is covered there's not a court in America that would keep the whistle blowers identity and the details of his role in the origins of the Democrats Ukraine investigation under wraps he says this stuff comes up frequently in federal prosecutions the principle is simple there many legal and policy limitations on the disclosure of information if the government decides to proceed with the prosecution makes presumptively secret matters germane to the truth seeking process secrecy has to give way he says there are situations in which the justice department faces a harrowing dilemma what to the FBI has an informant who infiltrated a terrorist organization the justice department sides wants to rest and I terrorist well under due process rules you have to reveal the sources this is one of the things that has to be done but Democrats keep complaining that the the whistleblower has to be protected so obviously this is not true are you coming.

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