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With starts so i don't know man if this if this becomes adjusting gay ci fight then yes i agree with you i probably have to pick h e because if these two just start brawling and poor ya you know gets you know he's he's sticks his chest out and he's like all right let's go in the pocket i don't think we can just say that that has that skill level that's going to win the fight if these are just standing there in front of each other biting down on the mouthpieces that's going to be gay chee because that's his style i think foyer has to make this a prettier fight and that doesn't mean that you know he can engage in that a little bit but you can suck dustin into those things i mean he is a fighters fighter as well he's he's extremely entertaining and he will stand in the pocket too if he does it too much you got a favorite justin but i do think that if he comes in with a little bit more of a game plan he doesn't get hit with those leg kicks early you know you think about five round fight say out of the way those leg kicks as much as possible and quite frankly grapple a little bit you know we're so used to seeing gates you just throw hands with everybody that he's with and some of that is because he forces that type of fight he's got great takedown defense he's a former collegiate wrestler himself as a very very tricky guy on the ground i mean before before as hands came along he was really more of a submission fight or anything else earlier in his career so i could see him really trying to get this fight to the ground in at that happens then i like pouria i'm not sure i'm not sure which one of them's going to happen one split right down the middle for me but i think if i had to lean one way i'd probably lean poor you.

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