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Radio Good morning on this. The fourth of January 2021. That sounds weird. Be written the check yet I did yesterday when we I didn't write a check. But when we signed in at the stadium yesterday, that's the first time I wrote 2021 just weird when we had to sign that document to get in. There's a health thing. You got to do a question. Yeah, regular. Send that to me all the time. I'm 21. Yep. 97712 bad teams find a way to lose just like good teams find a way to win. I tend to agree with that. In this case, it was too bad teams yesterday. One of them found a way to win. From the 70 or 3944. You get to the phone lines again with John James. Will he ever played for the Broncos? He I I don't know. Don't know They're tied doing financially, obviously because he opted out this year and his contract will simply roll over to next year, so there is some guaranteed money. Involved there. I mean, I don't know. I think the Broncos would like him to come play. Um, uh, but I don't have an answer for that. I don't know if we'll ever see him suit up as a member of the Broncos. You think he's better than what they have? I I didn't see enough of him to actually have an opinion. I didn't but he's played in two years. He opted out this year, okay? Last year, his first year here. He played in what 60 some snaps for the season. Knee injury, was hurting the opener when they played at Oakland. And then came back after a few weeks and Retweet the knee and then was out for the remainder of the year. So you can. It's hard to evaluate a guy that plays you know on Lee. You know, 60 somewhat snaps. So I don't know. Jamaar Dotson, I thought was solid. When he when he got a chance to play. But he's old. I don't think you can expect Oh, Have him play next season at that position. Maybe That's something they'll address in the draft if they don't think he's coming back. Better dress. Better address the cornerback situation. I would think. Love this text 72 or 376 written a check question work. People still write checks. Question. Mark Love you day, but your old love you back and you're right. I still do a couple I start to write a couple checks right? Tamara Electronics, but I still write a couple of them. Out like, like some place that I'm not gonna I don't They build me and I don't. I don't have the legs if you get. I mean, I do the electronic thing, too, with first bank And if you have monthly bills that you know, we're gonna go to the same place. Well, then just Azizi Tioga it online right online, but it's somebody who likes a U. I went torun care, right? And they sent me a bill for the $100 that they sent me. You put it on a credit card when you well, they sent me a bus. I just wrote a check. Yeah. So I still I mean, I don't write a lot of checks, but I still write if you do you write anything. Yeah, I think you have to every now and then. I prefer not to Well, yeah, you do. I was looking at this. You were talking about Floyd Little who played college football. It's Syracuse. What was it about Syracuse back then Dave, where they had a run of running backs. Unbelievable. Starting with Jim Brown than Ernie Davis, Floyd Little Larry Zanca In about it seven or eight year period. All these legends. Ernie Davis died young. So many people probably never heard of him. I just actually watched. What was the movie about him? The Uh um. Just watch that. Not something trained. Is that Express Express? How did he die of leukemia Believe He was. He was the first round draft choice to the Cleveland Browns. And so they did retire his number, right? Uh, bring that Syracuse, not the Cleveland Browns. I think did I don't. I don't think they did. I thought I read that the end of the movie, but I could be wrong. Let me look, I don't. I don't go. They did retire. He wore number 45. The Browns did retire his number. Okay. You know what? The end of the movie. Going? Putting the Kathy would know it. The guy that played for Cleveland would I didn't know that I could see why you wouldn't though He was drafted first pick overall 1962. And that was the only year he played. So he died. And then I'm not even sure he played. Did he play a game? I don't think he is. He did. And according to the movie when I was watching the movie, I don't think he did. But you're right. He was preparing to play in the college All Star game. He walked with a swollen neck was hospitalized with mumps or mono. Initially suspected Was diagnosed with acute Model sighted. Look, Comey leukemia. So he died of leukemia. By the way, this just in the Chargers have just fired head coach Anthony Lynn. Not a surprise. No surprise there. So Adam Gates fired Doug Marone Gates with the Jets. Doug Marone, the head coach, the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's fired and the Chargers have fired. Head coach Anthony Lynn, that to me, the Chargers job. Just becomes really Interesting because of Justin Herbert. I think they'll be a lot of Interested folks. That would say, Hey, I've got a basically a second year quarterback coming back next year that had his success is a rookie. Yeah. I like my chances out there was he may be the biggest surprise in the rookie class. He was one of them. I've got to tell you. I did not see that coming at all me neither. I mean, I liked him. I didn't love him in Oregon. I thought You know, he's one of these. Spread, guys. They don't huddle the I don't know. How is that going to translate in the NFL? But the answer that question, obviously, is it translate? Just fine. Thank you. Nelson In Houston. We say good morning to you on Kaylie news radio. Good morning, everybody. Happy New Year. Same to you, Nelson. Hey, Dave. You did everything on the head with silly little their people..

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