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In there. Lakers. The Lakers lost last night to Cleveland Cleveland. What the heck I kept seeing? I saw that Scott. I'm like why is the problem with his Lakers team is day? One of those teams that they they look at the schedule and the opponent and go, oh, it's Cleveland. We can beat these guys. And they don't realize that they're all NBA teams are good or bad. They are and you have to play, and you know, guys like Josh partner having fantastic season to enter coming along. But it's Ingram and Lonzo ball that just aren't bringing it in games when they need to bring it backbone sector to the raiders before I finish up. How cool is it? Now in two thousand nineteen to say raiders are moving here next year. That's awesome. How close at that is awesome. What I'm hearing through the grapevine is there is a chance that even though the raiders won't play at Sam Boyd stadium. There could be one of their two preseason games potentially. Add Sam boy that would be phenomenal. Great now, I'd like to see them play in San Diego. And that's because it's a short little jaunt can fly there in an hour. And not a problem. I'll drive down there at driven demand games. A Qualcomm Jack Moore back in the day. I used to live there in San Diego used to work at Jack Murphy after I got out of the navy stay there. And I remember I was working there in in eighty four the year. The Padres went to the World Series against Detroit and loved watching Dan Fouts and that offense Charlie joiner, John Jefferson, who's the other two. Wes chandler. Go Kellen Winslow. And running back. No. With.

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