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To brady hall on the whole show thirteen. I'm glad you remember that great. A listener requests was declined. Mclean that we do an eighty s friday. Yup i like you let that go. Percent is really good. This aaron rodgers do push ups to right now training for denver. Welcome back to the show the whole show powered by energy joining me in studio. Well now you become a pretty good friend of mine to be real honest. Because you're taking care of me. Dr tyler terry formerly the chiropractic standard rev chiropractic doctor. Thank you so much for being in man the absolutely thanks for having me brady. Get your buff shirt on today. I know i'm in trouble. People are flagging me down left and right. It's very a big controversy here. it's okay. I still talk buffs. We get we get buffs people once in a while. So you're you're you're you're safe for now. I don't know about once. You leave door so i wanted to get you off because i've been talking about you. When did i start going. Guys was a december. Was that ios right around christmas time. I think yeah. And i had been so american. Football injury there Several years ago. I broke some ribs or cracked some ribs. Whatever the hell happened. I'm not sure. But i have just had back issues for since i was seventeen years old and i would go to quit chiropractic place once in a while always hesitant to go and yeah i felt i felt some relief there some satisfaction hearing you know hearing that all the time but it just wasn't doing the trick and the older. I'm getting the more. I'm starting to notice that. I got to get something done here so i think i met you through the chamber. We're doing zoom things right person And i thought you know what i'm going to give it a shot so reached out and of course few months later man as you know. I have zero back pain. Yeah it's crazy. And then the coolest part about that is so. Many people search out a chiropractor for neck pain in headaches. Whatever those symptoms might be and what it means to me that you're not experiencing back pain anymore is that your body is functioning better. So that back pain. That's in your lower back. All those nerves that are also going to your digestive organs. Reproductive organs kidneys adrenal glands. Everything is.

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