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To catch up on the first two seasons of billions by entering code moment at get showtime dot com the offer expires april fifteenth so do it download the app today and watch billions so let's talk about beirut which within the first of all say within the first five minutes i just felt so comfortable and happy because it was tony gilroy characters talk and like your character's talk and e this voice that you've developed over all this time seeing it once again like i really missed it like a real because it feels like a real personal movie in a way because of the scale of it and the ham character just feels really like an avatar for you in those people that only you really know how to how to create and so can you talk about how it i didn't and then did come to screen and like take as much time as you want but i would start here did you always know that it was one that should get made it's i i will be really quick i was making the cutting edge we were shooting the cutting edge and my first move is being made this figure skating you know romeo and juliet movie and we're shooting in in toronto and robert court i i was i became house sorta house writer for for several different pharaohs in my in my and my life in the first place i had a home was interscope and then i went to castle rock and then i went to universal and i had these different places but they were my first home and they're making my first film and robert and i were very much taken with each other and robert interscope was a huge dynastic nineteen eighties powerhouse i mean they made eighty movies they were all successful and robbery was a really fascinating guy he'd been a marketing guy and you've been in the cia and he was an analyst in the during the start talks and so he and i had all these complicated political talks on the set of this figure skating movie and we were both he said you know i was always fascinated by the idea of negoti.

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