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Five and seven PM on KFI. John and Ken show. John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty coming up after five o'clock. We'll welcome back list Greenwood's to the John and Ken show. She is the LA city attorney an employee. She's a deputy city attorney who of course, is now suing the city of LA out right now to clean, it can lead to a lawsuit five million dollars. She contracted typhus. Well, working in her office at city hall east, and we'll get back on the air and talk about this claim coming up after the news at five if you have a disgusting homeless encampment in your town in your neighborhood, and you're told by your lying sticking idiot politician who's still thing we could do about it. They're lying, and we're gonna prove it to you in Whittier. We're going to talk to area on a again, he's the mayor of Whittier, and there is a greenbelt area on Whittier boulevard and. They cleared it today. They posted a seventy two hour notice ordering those camping there to move out. And today was the cleanup, and it was needles human waste paint chemicals. Car batteries one hundred to one hundred twenty cubic yards of debris and looking at their pictures in Whittier daily news, it is absolutely horrifying. And no civilized town should ever have to put up with this kind of insanity and let let's get Joe on the line here. Joe welcome. How are you? Good good. It talk you guys. Yes. Sure. We'll tell you when we talked last week. It was all because this is Cal trans property, right? It. But obviously, it has an impact on our people here because they drive out that boulevard all the time. But what did it take to get this done? Well, I, you know, I gotta be careful what I say here because of this actually did work out really well for us. It was a collaboration. I mean, it really was. It was Cal trans is HP. It was the county of Los Angeles. It was the city of Whittier and the actually worked together we had, you know, supervisor Janice haunt stepped up state Senator Bob arts Aleta, simply majority leader in caldo, everyone stepped up to make this happen in all I can tell you is. I was just over an hour ago. It's clean. It looks. Great. And it's it's I had it was it was so good. I was at first day, which is our homeless shelter. And I was on the green belt and someone was on winter boulevard and they yelled Joe. And I looked over. And it was a it was a person and she just looked at me smiled and put a thumbs up and kept on driving. So I mean, that's that is that is. So mean, a lot of people did so apt up about theirs, but to have someone say, yeah, it's good. And we appreciate you should be. You should be really proud of what she did. But this. You helped put pull all this together. I helped I help it. But this stuff doesn't happen unless everyone does work together in. That's what happened on this one. It was really really great. But this is all the public servants and public employees ought to be doing this is exactly their job. Well, I'm really happy about this. But you know, it shouldn't be there shouldn't be a parade. Just because government workers do their job and do the right thing for the public. I yeah. I I understand what you're saying. But you know, when we have something like this and it works out. We want to say, thank you. And we want to celebrate. And there's another aspect of this that that's really important. So on Friday, all the tents got posted seventy two hour notice and you're out of here on Monday morning. So what happened is first day in pass which have been working on meeting every person who was there in that encampment and trying to figure out what is her new. What can we do to help them at cetera? I put out a request and said look at we've got housing. And we're going to be doing this on Monday, and we need help. Do we have Staples? We have people can come for with food a shampoo toothpaste, blah, blah, blah cetera. And so that went out on Friday afternoon over the weekend through the winter, a consortium on homelessness and went to a bunch of churches and a bunch of organizations and at two o'clock today, a number of people showed up and they've been showing up since two o'clock dropping stuff off. I got over there. We drop some stuff off and other councilmembers drop stuff off and they've had a great great response to that. And so the nonprofits in the people have taken over ship of the thing also. So it's just been it's been a really really tough in a bad situation. And it's turning out right now. Well, there's going to be more to do we know that? But right now, the place is clean people are getting housing. In fact, I was going to. They are going to a number of shelters of I think there was a bell shout shelter. And there's a there's a a number of several motels in the region where they are getting a homeless vouchers, and the reason that this occurred is apparently this was a dangerous place where they were camped. Well, yeah. I mean, look at I mean, we talked about last week. There's people flying down that highway sixty sixty five miles an hour, and they hit the curb and they go flying. Guess what's going to happen to somebody? I mean public safety right now. I guess people listening wanna know what made this unique other places at cannot remove the encampments, but you guys had a good argument with the safety here. I guess. Yeah. In this in this in my view, the safety issue. That's what our number one responsibility is in. So you look at that. We talk about the the Boise case, which is more of a passive park situation. And we had that, of course, Cornell park in which has has been cleaned out cleaned up your cow to you clean up the park, and you cleaned out the beltway, which is in more of a an open public street area there. I exactly exactly so the the park was you know, it's more of a passive but park could. But the issue there, of course, is people didn't feel comfortable picking their families. To the park and the like, so so it's it's people received dodgers they received lots of of services, and they've people moved out there. So a lot of these are going to go to motels. Yes. So you even two months with a voucher. So they go to a motel, right? And they're they're working on as they're in the motels. They're working on trying to find them some housing apartments etcetera. This was quite a cleanup. It seems like a lot of debris. I got guys. I got out through this morning. And there must have been thirty thirty or forty Cal. Trans workers were in their orange vest with lots of trucks to HP was there. And I got I gotta tell you. I was very impressed. They mean business and they were out there doing it. And you're confident these people come back in a few days, are you gonna keep them out? I think let's just put it this way. Cal trans is watching. What are your police department is watching and they've all they've all been given opportunities for for shelter. And so they're they're going to be watched in, and we're going to keep the place clean. That's all. I can tell you. We've this is not been a good experience. And we're gonna make sure that we're helping him as much as we can. But we're not gonna allow, you know, things lawlessness and things like that take place. All right, Mary Joe, we appreciate you coming back on. And again you and everybody else involved at least good job for clearing out this encampment on the green belt. Yeah. It's been it's been a great team effort in government actually worked together on this one. So thanks guys. Appreciate your help to Jovan is here of Whittier. And we've had him on a couple of times since we got news from listeners to sending us the pictures in the articles that over thirty or thirty five ten camped on a green belt of Whittier boulevard. Whittier they did this the Santa riverbed in Orange County. They did this at the Santa Ana Civic Center they've done it here on the Whittier park in the Whittier greenbelt, I there's a good story in the Whittier daily news. If you want to read about it and photos, send this stupid Mike bonding by councilman is that lying sack keeps insisting he can't do this. But he the truth is he won't do it. But this is how you do it. This is the blueprint and they worked with the county officials Cal trans people. So he worked with state they worked with the county. Whenever you hear politicians saying, oh, let's county land. Well, that's city LAN. Well, that state they're lying. They can all sit at a table and decide how to cooperate with one another and get it done. And Joe Terry got it done along with all the others involved. We got more coming up. John and Ken KFI. Guess Barreira has news. Police have shot and killed him in near Gardena. Cops went to the scene this morning on a report of a family dispute with shots fire. The LAPD says it appears the man fired it officers as they showed up a bullet left a hole in the passenger side of a patrol car. LA police are trying to find the person behind Cardi car shooting that hurt for people in south LA. It happened yesterday afternoon near Florence avenue in Vermont to the people shot are in critical condition and an earthquake. With a magnitude of six point one in the Philippines is killed at least eight people and twenty others have been hurt officials say dozens of people could be trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building the quake struck about thirty seven miles outside the capital city of Manila trouble on the four zero five, and we'll check in with the.

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