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Twenty one free agent class. I mentioned this earlier in the show that the shortstop opposition is rather loaded You know for the. I would say for the five best For for the top ten Top ten easily shortstops in the game. You know they're going to be up for You know free agency a but also there are some big big names who are going towards the end of their career that is going to be free agents A lot of all of whom are going to be going into the hall of fame Towards the end of their careers while we got him and Let's kick this off by talking about the best pitcher of the twenty tens. It was clayton. Kershaw he's never one on the list. He is thirty four years old. Twenty twenty two. Which is when he's going to be changing teams Or staying with the dodgers. You never really know I hope he stays with the dodgers. I he's one and done type of guy but I you never know what's going to happen. Maybe pulls a tom brady and decides to leave but Knows at three time cy young award winner. He's finished second place twice as well is one an nl. Mvp eight time all star five year eight titles pitching triple crown You know among those with at least fifteen hundred innings pitched his one hundred fifty eight year. Plus is the best all time And he just won the world series ring so the postseason failure thing is awesome. Why he is going to be still valuable. Obviously killing he is clayton kershaw. That's easy But on top of that you know he's shown his Diminished fastball velocity throughout the years. He's got a little bit back. You know he went from last year. He was throwing ninety point three on average this year. Ninety one point six You know he's able to mix in his slider to keep hitters off balance. He still has a ton of You know he's still. He's still get people out with his curve. Ball you know His changeup is unbelievable mixed with his slider great There's a few red flags entering the twenty twenty one season with two two thousand three hundred thirty three regular season innings pitched prior to age thirty three season. Hiller pitchers this century with as many innings. That were young that young where she sees matthew mark burleigh felix hernandez and their cumulative your plus marks for their age thirty three onward was one a one or one percent better than league average for one seven for burleigh and sixty eight for felix hernandez which is thirty two percent worse than league average so history has not proven to be great. Going in for someone of clayton kershaw's stature You know. I feel like he's more see sebastian. Mainly because you know he was more of a movement guy anyways like his fastball. At a ton of zip don't get me wrong but you know he was more off speed anyways Sees the ahead. that killer fastball. But you know he was able to learn how to locate and how to you know. Change speeds i. Love is a little bit more. Instead of being a pure thrower he turned into one of a borderline masterful pitcher And i think he will be just fine especially in like with mark burleigh mark. Bradley was never a big arm. Strikeout pitcher So i think that clayton kershaw do just fine. He's definitely going to be training above the one hundred mark I hope he goes back to the dodgers. They need to sign him for the rest of his life I think if there is another team that he could go to if it wasn't the dodgers it would be the rangers just pitch in front of his home home team. But i mean let's be real here. He is mr dodger. So keep him with the dodgers Number two on the list. We only have four so number two on the list. Is max scherzer. He will be thirty. Seven twenty twenty. Two three cy young awards to win the no one in the al is well the second place finish he has two no hitters seven time all star twenty nine nineteen world series champ. He's closing in on two hundred career. Wins three hundred three thousand career strikeouts. He's one hundred. Seventy five wins in twenty seven hundred. Eighty four strikeouts Let's see his forty eight point. Four war seven. What the some of his seven best war seasons is higher than thirty hall of famers. I don't know why that's important. I don't know why war seven it just wore. Can we do that. Why do we need war. Seven a. okay so max. Scherzer is a freakish type of pitcher. He has an insane intensity Here's some potential red flags You know he's been a bit injury prone His seven year one hundred nine one. Four four point four million dollar contract Has to be the you rare blockbuster. Pitching blockbuster pitching packed that has worked wonderfully for the signing team You know however you know. His back issues is nikki. Shoes all that kind of stuff you know he. Everybody has his limits. The only the only pitcher with more regular season and postseason innings dating back to two thousand nine is for lander and verleger started to break down this year. So i don't know what's going to be of what's going to come of max scherzer. He is only really has a few years left. I would say three to four years. I'd say two years of dominance and then once he hits thirty seven. I feel like he's not going to be as dominant as he was before. Father time is forever undefeated and you know time will catch up to max scherzer at some point I think that you know if he's in twenty twenty one. I feel like he's going back to the nationals. He won a championship there. The this is the most successful he's ever been The nationals aren't gonna turn around on competing you know they're not just going to rebuild at a nowhere So i feel like he's going to stay with the with the nationals. Moving on we have. Zack so zack greinke. He's going to be age thirty eight. He has who era titles one. Al cy young award He has a second place. Finish in a fourth place finish..

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